An Alien Donut Minion's appearance.

Alien Donut Minions are servants/minions, owned by Alien Donut.

The Alien Donut Minion's appearances are just the same body and color of a donut minion, except that their colors are inverted.

The alien donut minions only appeared in Food Orb 6, Food Orb 8, and Food Orb 10.


  • Hidden in DeliciousBakedPie's decals of Food Orb 10, there was originally going to be an obstacle where you have to go through a big transparent conveyor belt tube where you have to avoid the Alien Donut Minions. This obstacle idea somehow either got scrapped or forgotten by DeliciousBakedPie, the creator of the game himself. The sign decal can be seen in the gallery of this article.
  • In Food Orb 6, an Alien Donut minion in the attack scene can be seen in a giant form, and says that it has drunk a potion that makes you larger.


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