Bluegal's appearance.

Bluegal is a teammate on Greenboy's Team, and is known to be the only female character on the team. Bluegal does not appear in any Food Orb games, but appears in a new orb series called the Greenboy Orb. Bluegal is a character that is originally created by a user named LaserPewPew.

Bluegal's appearance is a blue Greenboy-shaped body, with a cute face on the front. The face includes big eyes with big blue pupils, with hair on the bottom and a mouth with a pink forked tongue. Bluegal has two arms just like Goldboy, except that both of the arms are facing up. The back side also has hair on it, and a stitched part appears on the back as well.

A different character named Purplegal (which is a purple version of Bluegal) was created for the Greenboy Orb, but DeliciousBakedPie thought that it was too similar to Purple Monster (Greenboy's Helper), so LaserPewPew replaced Purplegal with Bluegal. He also made a thumbnail that is shown with Bluegal eating Purplegal.


  • Bluegal is currently known to be the only female character in Greenboy's team.
  • Bluegal is one of the characters of Greenboy's team that has two arms. The others being Purple Monster, Darkman, and Goldboy.
  • Bluegal is possibly known to be a cannibal, due to Bluegal eating Purplegal, a different-colored Bluegal-like character in one of LaserPewPew's thumbnails.
    • This can however be proven false as Purplegal could be a different species.
  • Bluegal is revealed to previously have had a job where she was a sweeper in Vodgreen's World. This was revealed by one of LaserPewPew's youtube videos called "The greenboy show! ft: bluegal".
    • Bluegal's voice was also revealed in the same video.
    • Bluegal also mentions about the big scar that remains on her back.
  • In one of Bluegal's face emotion decals, there is a face emotion where it has a mischievious expression. This is the first time it ever showed Bluegal's sharp teeth.