Boydjrocker's appearance as an Orber.

Boydjrocker is one of the Robloxions who save DeliciousBakedPie in Food Orb 2 - Japan along with Red412, Micky455 and Spencergamer. Boydjrocker only made only 1 Orb Game called the Deadly Dark Dominus. The main villain that was in that game was Evil Mentor. He once turned into a hater of the Orb Community a long time ago. Months later Boydjrocker became mostly a forgotten character, and not much is talked about him.


In Boydjrocker's classic old Orber form, he appears to have white-colored skin, a hatbot colored black with a green stripe across it and is wearing a black shirt applying "PRO!" and "sup" on the front. He is also wearing pants very similar to Tinfoilbot's, which are dark grey pants with black shoes.


  • On the sides of Boydjrocker's shirt arms, there appears to be a photo of Mega-Man on each side. This implies that Boydjrocker might have liked Mega-Man.
  • Boydjrocker became an Orb hater when DeliciousBakedPie became the second most famousest as a gift from Tinfoilbot. But since Boydjrocker's dream was to become the second most famousest, he got upset at DeliciousBakedPie and said that he ruined his dreams. DeliciousBakedPie said that he didn't try to steal his dream and that it was Tinfoilbot who gave DeliciousBakedPie the option to be the second most famousest.


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