The part after you go inside the entrance. You can see the Strider and the Man with a Glass of Water in this image.

Creepypasta Land is one of the many various worlds in the Food Orb series. It has a dark atmosphere and it only appears in Food Orb 14 - Creepypasta World. This world is based off of many various creepypastas, including ones from ROBLOX like Haunted Deli, or SMILE. The world contains patterns on the walls sometimes with eyeballs on them. This world, however, is somewhat similar compared to Vodgreen's Weird World from Tinfoilbot's Dark Orb series. Strange monsters can appear sometimes in the walls or wallpaper decals. The entrance is a white head with black-thick outlined eyes, somewhat similar to the Jeff the Killer creepypasta. It also seems to have red lips around its mouth area, along with some rectangular teeth. A tongue is also sticking out that takes you inside its throat if you step on it. Some of the monsters mostly peer out of the holes in the walls like the 666-666-666 creepypasta or the Yellow Devil creepypasta. Slenderman also has obstacles as cameos in the game as well. An obstacle in the Food Orb 14 game is also based off of one of Tinfoilbot's latest creepypastas, the Grimblox.

The hidden Grimblox room area at the ceiling. You may also see Happy Appy on the right, and Strider on the bottom left corner.

There also seems to be a secret area where you have to go to the corner of the large hallway after entering the head entrance and then you climb the half-invisible gray block steps and ladders that take you to the top, where Grimblox is at. This also rewards you a special badge with the Grimblox on it. Another obstacle which is based off of Slenderman is an obstacle where you have to walk through the Slender forest in DeliciousBakedPie's version. At the end of the hallway is a Slenderman monster obstacle that you have to avoid touching. Touching him will result in a death. The other obstacle has Slenderman's tentacles popping out of nowhere from below that you also have to avoid touching. Halfway throughout the game is another entrance, except it is a giant ghost head. It has a mouth that seems like it is partly melting, and has angry eyes with red pupils in them. Going inside will teleport you to the other part of the game.

The first obstacle after entering the ghost head will be a maze that has an SCP Containment Breach design and walls. You have to get past the maze without touching any of the SCP monsters like SCP-173 or SCP-087-b. The only harmless SCP in the maze course is the SCP-099. The next obstacle has a room with 4 doors, but with only door that you can go through. Going through the 3rd door is the correct door to go through. The room is somewhat probably supposed to be the mansion room based off from Ao Oni, a horror game. Ao Oni is also peeking out of the hole in the wall with Ao Oni's head looking at you. The "scary shortcut" part in the game is similar to the others in some of the games, except it bears some more creepypasta characters. The entrance to it is similar to the one in the beginning, as it also has a white head with black-outlined eyes. Its right eye has a blood tear, while it has crooked beige-colored teeth on the top jaw. It has a long bumpy nose with ears on the sides. It also seems to be sticking a tongue as well. The insides of the scary shortcut has dark square-patterned walls with blood splatters on them. The floor is also colored black and has 4 orange arrows that spin around, while shining light on the creepypasta characters all around the room. Here is the list of monsters and characters in Creepypasta World/Land:

  • Melvin
  • Slenderman
  • Man with a Glass of Water
  • Haunted Deli
  • The Strider

    The hidden Grimblox room at the ceiling. Brightened for clarity.

  • Happy Appy
  • Grimblox
  • Yellow Devil

    The SCP Containment Breach maze map. You can see the monsters and the badges inside.

  • 666-666-666
  • Haunted Garlic
  • SCP-173
  • SCP-099
  • SCP-087-b
  • SCP-096
  • Ao Oni
  • Moth Man
  • The White Hand
  • Godzilla RED
  • Polybius
  • Bloody Red412
  • Hoodie
  • Masky
  • The Rake
  • MissingNo. Ghost
  • Eyeless Jack
  • Seedeater