V3 house

The establishment's latest design.

DeliciousBakedPie's House is a location that appears in every single Food Orb and Greenboy Orb game, and the dwelling of DeliciousBakedPie and his pet squid, Squishy. Deliciousbakedpie's mom also lives here as well. The house also appears in two of the very first orb games that DeliciousBakedPie has made, called Master Techbot's Attack and Master Techbot's Return. From the earliest design to the latest design, the house has only shown 2 of it's rooms so far, which are the living room and the bedroom where DeliciousBakedPie is mostly seen at. The house has never yet revealed it's kitchen and bathroom yet. The major objects that are always seen inside the establishment are the Evil Donut and Evil Smore toys, the bed with a Evil Donut blanket on it, and the green couch in the living room. The earliest design used to have a chimney, but ever since the second version of the house was released, the chimney was removed, possibly because it didn't have a chimney inside the house anyways. It's latest version is the v3 design, where it is the exact same house, but with improved decals and objects inside of it. One of the most improved decals is the keyboard texture.

DeliciousBakedPie's House v1 (first and earliest design)
V1 house

The very first and oldest design of the house.

DeliciousBakedPie's house had two versions from the beginning, and the newer Food Orb games. In the past, DeliciousBakedPie's house was all colored brown from the outside. Inside the house are two floors. On the 1st floor, there is a green couch. There are also "scary" Chinese masks hanging from the walls. Infront of the couch is a flat-screen TV, where Master Techbot captured DeliciousBakedPie from. There is a black and white picture frame with a picture of a tree. On the 2nd floor is where DeliciousBakedPie's bedroom took place in. It has a table and chair with a computer on it. Ninjago posters are placed in some places of the walls, and one shelf appears with a golden hammer, a golden warhelm, a Master Techbot toy, an Evil Mustard toy and a Light Lord toy, from Micky455's series. There is also a bed with a green blanket with Ninjago titles on it. On top of the house is a chimney.

DeliciousBakedPie's House v2
V2 house

DeliciousBakedPie's new house design.

DeliciousBakedPie's house had a new update to it, and had better-quality decals, and a bigger size. The outside of the house has a green square pattern, and the insides of the 1st floor has a beige square patterned wall. The flat-screen TV color is lighter, and does not have the "Samsung" name on the bottom. The green couch does not have any differences, but the staircase is placed differently. On the 2nd floor, DeliciousBakedPie's bedroom is much bigger. Another TV is placed inside the bedroom, and the bed has a new blanket, which has Evil Donut on it saying "muahaahaa!! i am evil donut!!", and an extra window has been placed at the back area. The shelf includes different toys, which includes an Evil Donut toy, an Evil Smore toy, a golden hammer and warhelm, and a deadly dark warhelm. The roof on the top of the house is colored yellow, and the chimney has been removed (probably because the house doesn't have a fireplace).

DeliciousBakedPie's House v3
V3 house

The establishment's latest design.

DeliciousBakedPie's house is updated yet again, since 6/9/16. The house is the exact same establishment, except all of the decals are remade and improved, and the couch, bed, etc. are improved as well. The lines on the walls of the v3 model is now more visible, and the wallpaper in the 1st floor (living room), has a visible paper texture to it. A few new posters and pictures are added in both of the floors. In the living room, a brand new black and white photograph/painting that originated from the one as seen in the first orb game made by DeliciousBakedPie, Master Techbot's Attack. A poster of DeliciousBakedPie's loyal pet, Squishy appears on a drawing DeliciousBakedPie drew. An autograph from Tinfoilbot is taped onto the side of his computer, and another drawing of Tinfoilbot with the words "Tinfoilbot is cool, yo!!". The Samsung logo reappears from the 1st and oldest house design again, and the keyboard is very detailed in design now, including a few cameos on it, such as the yellow 'T', the Evil Donut 'O', and the number zero which is tinted purple, as a reference to the main number of The Void, or a reference to it's religion, Zeroism.