DeliciousBakedPie's appearance in every game.

DeliciousBakedPie is one of the main characters and the hero of The Food Orb Series. He always gets captured by the main villain Evil Donut, his minions, and the Food Orb Team. In the newer series Greenboy Orb, he always gets captured by Greenboy, his minions and his team members. He has a loyal pet and a best friend named Squishy. DeliciousBakedPie has a known mother, named Deliciousbakedpie's mom.

DeliciousBakedPie's appearance is a beige-colored ROBLOXian, with a lime-green shirt and navy blue pants. He is also seen wearing black shoes with green flames on them. The main hat that DeliciousBakedPie usually wears is the Bluesteel Warhelm of Rekt.

He appears in all Food Orb games, from 1-20. It is known that DeliciousBakedPie was a fan of Ninjago, a lego ninja show series. DeliciousBakedPie owns rare hats, such as the Ghosdeeri and the Black Iron Bucket. He has lots of fans, and is the "Second Most Famousest ROBLOX in ROBLOX". DeliciousBakedPie is also good friends with Tinfoilbot, which is known as the "Most Famousest ROBLOX in ROBLOX".

Behind The Scenes


DeliciousBakedPie's main avatar.

DeliciousBakedPie is actually 13 years old in real life, and lives in the Washington State in the U.S.A. His favorite color is green. His favorite foods are: Chips, tater tots, mashed potatoes, McDonald's chicken nuggets, waffles, white cheddar cheese, red velvet cupcakes, pancakes, and French toast. He is currently in 7th grade.

DeliciousBakedPie's House

DeliciousBakedPie's house had two versions from the beginning, and the newer Food Orb games. In the past, DeliciousBakedPie's house was all colored brown from the outside. Inside the house are two floors. On the 1st floor, there is a green couch. There are also "scary" Chinese masks hanging from the walls. Infront of the couch is a flat-screen TV, where Master Techbot captured DeliciousBakedPie from. There is a black and white picture frame with a picture of a tree. On the 2nd floor is where DeliciousBakedPie's bedroom took place in. It has a table and chair with a computer on it. Ninjago posters are placed in some places of the walls, and one shelf appears with a golden hammer, a golden warhelm, a Master Techbot toy, an Evil Mustard toy and a Light Lord toy, from Micky455's series. There is also a bed with a green blanket with Ninjago titles on it. On top of the house is a chimney.

DeliciousBakedPie's House v2

DeliciousBakedPie's new house design.

DeliciousBakedPie's house had a new update to it, and had better-quality decals, and a bigger size. The outside of the house has a green square pattern, and the insides of the 1st floor has a beige square patterned wall. The flat-screen TV color is lighter, and does not have the "Samsung" name on the bottom. The green couch does not have any differences, but the staircase is placed differently. On the 2nd floor, DeliciousBakedPie's bedroom is much bigger. Another TV is placed inside the bedroom, and the bed has a new blanket, which has Evil Donut on it saying "muahaahaa!! i am evil donut!!", and an extra window has been placed at the back area. The shelf includes different toys, which includes an Evil Donut toy, an Evil Smore toy, a golden hammer and warhelm, and a deadly dark warhelm. The roof on the top of the house is colored yellow, and the chimney has been removed (probably because the house doesn't have a fireplace).

DeliciousBakedPie's House v3
V3 house

The establishment's latest design.

DeliciousBakedPie's house is updated yet again, since 6/9/16. The house is the exact same establishment, except all of the decals are remade and improved, and the couch, bed, etc. are improved as well. The lines on the walls of the v3 model is now more visible, and the wallpaper in the 1st floor (living room), has a visible paper texture to it. A few new posters and pictures are added in both of the floors. In the living room, a brand new black and white photograph/painting that originated from the one as seen in the first orb game made by DeliciousBakedPie, Master Techbot's Attack. A poster of DeliciousBakedPie's loyal pet, Squishy appears on a drawing DeliciousBakedPie drew. An autograph from Tinfoilbot is taped onto the side of his computer, and another drawing of Tinfoilbot with the words "Tinfoilbot is cool, yo!!". The Samsung logo reappears from the 1st and oldest house design again, and the keyboard is very detailed in design now, including a few cameos on it, such as the yellow 'T', the Evil Donut 'O', and the number zero which is tinted purple, as a reference to the main number of The Void, or a reference to it's religion, Zeroism.


What DeliciousBakedPie's Inventory would look like. You can notice that he has over 30 pages of hats.

Appearances from Dark Orb

Meet deli badge
DeliciousBakedPie appeared in one of Tinfoilbot's games, called Vodgreen's World 0, which is an exploration game. In the secret area where the Greenboy Monster is located at, there is a picture frame, which has Greenboy, Tinfoilbot, and DeliciousBakedPie in it. There is also a badge that has DeliciousBakedPie in it. It was a badge that you get for meeting DeliciousBakedPie, but it is unavailable now, because Tinfoilbot lost his BC, after leaving ROBLOX due to a health disease.

Dark Orb Contest Entries

DeliciousBakedPie currently created a monster entry for a monster contest for Dark Orb 10, and for Vodgreen's World 0. The monster that DeliciousBakedPie entered in was a green alien with 3 legs and 2 antennaes,

Bob The Alien from Dark Orb 10

including a white-colored belly. The name of the monster was Bob The Alien. When the monster contest for Dark Orb 10 was over, Bob The Alien was one of the winners, and appeared next to the Sun Spirit monster, and the Mr. Thingy monster inside the scary shortcut. When Vodgreen's World 0 started being created, DeliciousBakedPie made a monster idea for Tinfoilbot. The monster was a black creepy monster with 2 large sharp-fingered arms. The decal of the monster did not have a mouth, only eyes. It had a bumpy neck with lots of fog and smoke around the monster. DeliciousBakedPie eventually named this dark monster Blackness, Ruler of Horror.

Blackness from Vodgreen's World 0

Tinfoilbot accepted the idea, and added it to Vodgreen's World 0 as an original monster. The monster appears behind Harry the Monster's giant head, with the black conveyor belts around it.


  • DeliciousBakedPie makes lots of papercraft models in his bedroom out of paper and tape.
  • In real life, DeliciousBakedPie has his own Evil Donut plush doll that DeliciousBakedPie has in his bed. It is completely hand-sewn by his mother.
  • The Bluesteel Warhelm of Rekt is DeliciousBakedPie's most common hat to wear, and his main hat.
  • When DeliciousBakedPie is depressed, he wears a black and white version of his clothes, including his skin to be colored gray. He also appears to be lacking a hat during this time. Sometimes, his face can be changed too.
    • DeliciousBakedPie rarely merely changes his face.
  • In real life, DeliciousBakedPie plays LittleBigPlanet 3 and Gmod. This also explains why DeliciousBakedPie did not go to ROBLOX very often in the past.
  • DeliciousBakedPie made his first game using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 called Flappy DBP, which is based off of Flappy Bird. The game has a head of DeliciousBakedPie in it for in which you can tap on the space key to make him jump, and also has to avoid hitting green pipes. The score rises fast depending on how long you've survived.
    • Unfortunately, people can not play the game yet because DeliciousBakedPie does not know how to publish his game.
  • DeliciousBakedPie in real life has a collection of over 80 Uglydolls. His favorite Uglydolls being Poe, Picksey, Gassy, Hidden Poe, Wedgehead, Cookie Dream Babo, Flatwoodsey, the Double Trouble Uglydolls, Target, and Cinko.


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