Dexter the Giant Demon Head's appearance.

Dexter the Giant Demon Head is a minor character/monster from games Food Orb 1 and Food Orb 0.

Dexter's appearance is a giant black-colored head with two tentacles from one side and one top. Dexter has sharp, yellow wooden teeth in its mouth and a line nose and eyes. His neck does not appear.

The Inside

When you walk inside Dexter's mouth, you'll find a spleen at the right of the mouth and a stomach from the roof. There is also a note, that says "up ahead is where the stars lay up,

Inside of Dexter

the beginning is coming". That means that you are walking onto a path that leads to the area where Evil Donut and his parents are at. There are also two wooden chairs with red cushions on them. A mysterious shadow appears on one of the chairs sometimes.

Food Orb 1 Design

In Food Orb 1, Dexter has quite an old appearance, and the mouth leads you to Evil Donut's world instead.

Dexter's old appearance from Food Orb 1

Dexter's tongue appears this time, and its tentacles are not c-framed. The eyes and nose are not as detailed as the newer one from Food Orb 0. When you go inside its mouth, you will slide through a red mouth tunnel. If you look closely, you can see some arrows pointing to the direction that your going to. Dexter's mouth does not appear to have any wooden teeth.

What Dexter was based off from. (Demon Monster from Dark Orb 8 - Chinatown)


  • Dexter is one of the only head entrance monsters that appeared in two different games, just with similar appearances. The other being the retro monster entrance from Master Techbot's Attack game (the first one), which also appeared in Food Orb 0 as a cameo.
  • Realize how the wall and floor textures of the insides of Dexter in Food Orb 0 has a sponge texture. This texture was adding to the decal from PicMonkey.
  • It seems like Dexter only existed from Food Orb 0 to the Food Orb 1 as he only appeared in those games.
    • Dexter might have a small lifespan due to this. It has yet never been confirmed yet if this is true or not.
  • A mysterious, black shadow version of Evil Donut can appear sometimes, sitting on one of the chairs inside Dexter from Food Orb 0. This is quite possible to be Alien Donut, or a different character we have not yet ever experienced before.