Evil Donut's official best friend.

Evil Big mac

Evil big mac is the official best friend on Evil Donut. Story has it that Evil Big mac used to be Evil Donut's first minion. One day, Evil Donut got bossy, so Evil Big mac beat him up and left. Evil Donut only sees him now when he is getting beat by another orb team. Evil Big mac also has a secret in Evil Donut's Lair Exploration, and inside the closet is a letter is saying that Evil Big mac is sorry for beating him up. Evil Big mac wasn't accepted as a Food Orb villian only because he was much too detailed and that DeliciousBakedPie liked Evil Melon (Made by LaserPewPew).


Evil Big mac (AKA Evil Cheeseburger) appears in BadTheBloxxer's Tasty Orb. He looks much more detailed in Tasty Orb rather than in Food Orb, though he does not have a model appearance in the games. The top and bottom parts are the bun parts. The parts between those two buns is a patty, cheese, ketchup/tomato, and some purple stuff at the top that is probably garlic or onions. Evil Big mac appears to have an evil-shaped eye look, but the line in the middle makes it look like he has glasses.


  • Evil Big Mac is currently one of the only Food villains to have left Evil Donut's team. The other being Evil Cracker, due to him being dead.
  • It is unknown why Evil Big Mac's card is left inside Evil Donut's closet in Evil Donut's Lair Exploration.
  • A statue inside a hidden room can be found in Food Orb 20 - The Final Showdown. The statue appears to be shaped like Evil Big mac in a simple form, but instead all broken-down. A plate with his name on it can be seen.
  • On the front of Evil Big mac's card, the word "mac" is spelled incorrectly. The letter 'c' has been replaced with a 'q' in the image.
  • Evil Big mac may have glasses on, as a tiny black line can be seen between where Evil Big mac's eyes are.


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