Evil Cheesecake's appearance from every game.

Evil Cheesecake is one of the food villains, and is part of the Food Orb Team crew. He first appeared in Food Orb 11.

Evil Cheesecake appears to be a normal cheesecake, but appears to be a bit smaller than all the other members of the team. He has black stick limbs like any other member of the Food Orb Team.


A size comparison between Cheesecake and Donut

It is unknown if Evil Cheesecake is the youngest villain in the Food Orb team, but despite Cheesecake's size, Evil Cheesecake is PROBABLY the youngest.


  • Evil Cheesecake is the smallest Food villain ever known.
    • This size probably makes Evil Cheesecake a weak character.
  • Evil Cheesecake is also an idea that DeliciousBakedPie's father in real life made.
  • If you look at Evil Cheesecake's back, you can see it has a strange brown texture on it.
  • The strawberry pudding on Evil Cheesecake's face makes it look like blood, but isn't.