Evil Cookie's appearance in every game.

Evil Cookie is a food villain and a member of the Food Orb team. Evil Cookie is a villain idea created by hauntguy360. Evil Cookie first appeared in Food Orb 3 - Mexico, along with Evil Pizza.

Evil Cookie's appearance is the body of a regular cookie, with chocolate chips on the front and back. Evil Cookie has nearly the same eye-shape Evil Pizza has, and has a line mouth with two white fangs. Evil Cookie has black stick limbs like any other food villain/member.

Evil Cookie is known to be very good friends with Evil Pizza (mostly because Evil Cookie and Evil Pizza are usually seen with each other).


  • Evil Cookie is Evil Pizza's being friend, due to them being together quite often.
  • Evil Cookie is one of the first new Food Orb villains to appear in Food Orb 3. The other being Evil Pizza.
  • Evil Cookie appears to have two fangs hanging from under his lip, similar to that of one of the monsters that looks like a green dragon with two fangs named Poe the Uglydragon (in Food Orb 7, 9, and possibly a few other games).
  • Evil Cookie is known to be a chocolate chip cookie due to the chocolate chip pieces shown on his front and back body sides.