Evil Cracker's appearance.

Evil Cracker is a member of the Food Orb team, and a character from the Food Orb series. Evil Cracker is originally made by a user named rourack. (A.K.A skiing2013)

Evil Cracker's appearance is a plain cracker with red eyes and a line mouth. Evil Cracker has black stick limbs, but the arms, however are different from the other's arms.

Evil Cracker's Death

Evil Cracker died in Food Orb 9, sadly. Evil Cracker died by getting electrocuted by killing plugs and wires on the floors. After that moment, Evil Cracker was never to be seen again. Evil Cracker's ghost and badge appeared in the same game after he died.

Evil Cracker dying.


  • Evil Cracker is currently the only Food Orb villain to be dead.
  • Evil Cracker's appearance can be quite strange, despite him having red eyes, one line for a mouth, and him having a T-pose for his arms.
  • Evil Cracker has only one different expression apart from his default face, which appears when he is about to die. It is known to be a terrified/scared face.
  • Evil Cracker has his own badge in Food Orb 9, which is a badge of the ghost he forms into once he dies.
  • Evil Cracker sometimes seems to be similar to Withered Chica from FNaF2 because of the way their arms are posed.
  • In the death scene of Evil Cracker in Food Orb 9 - Toyland, you can see only Evil Donut seeing Evil Cracker's death.
    • This might be leading to a fact that all the other members of Evil Donut's team might not know anything about the death.
  • Evil Cracker could have possibly tripped over something before his death.
  • Evil Cracker is a character who appears in the Food Orb for a very short time, revealing himself in Food Orb 7, and his death being revealed in Food Orb 9.


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