Evil Donut's appearance in every game.

Evil Donut is the first-ever Food Orb character to be made, and the main villain of the series. He always attempts to try and capture DeliciousBakedPie, but seems to always fail at the end of a level.

Evil Donut's appearance is a plain sugar donut, with black stick arms and legs. He appears to have only one eyeball in the front middle, but doesn't on the back.

He first appeared in Food Orb 1, along with only his minions. It is quite unknown why he wants to capture DeliciousBakedPie and there is no information on why.

Evil Donut took captive in his built mech called The Donutmegatron in Food Orb 20, which was the final boss battle in the entire series.

Into The Past

In Food Orb 0, Evil Donut and his parents were seen in that game as mutating donuts with puddles of ooze on the bottom. It is also confirmed that they were created from a Donut-Growing Flower, which was created from Donut-Growing Flower seeds. It is unknown where all the minions and the team members came from, though. Evil Donut and his parents were seen in an unfinished lair (which was somehow for sale still) that was abandoned.

Evil Donut and his parents in the very beginning

Evil Donut's Age


The birthday card with Evil Donut's age on it.

Evil Donut is probably one of the only fictional characters in the Food Orb series to have his/her age revealed. In Food Orb 10, in the river of goo obstacle, there is a birthday card floating in it with text saying "HAPPY 45th BIRTHDAY EVIL DONUT!". It is unknown what all the other Food Orb team member's ages are.

Evil Donut Visits Dark Orb

In the Dark Orb Series made by Tinfoilbot, Evil Donut appeared in Dark Orb 10 as a minor character. At the level inside the rocket where you are at the giant fridge, go to the left side of the giant fridge where Ralph the Roach is located at. You can cleary see a jam donut stuck to the side of the fridge. Use a gravity coil or speed coil to touch the jam donut. When you touch the jam donut, you will get
Badge DarkOrbED

Evil Donut's Badge before it became unavailable to earn


Evil Donut's appearance from Dark Orb 10

teleported into a room that looks like Evil Donut's lair, but in Tinfoilbot's drawn-way. You will find Evil Donut in Tinfoilbot's version, but in a cage. There is a badge that has Evil Donut on it, but is not available anymore, because Tinfoilbot lost his BC while he had to leave from ROBLOX, due to a heart disease.

Evil Donut's Parents

It is slightly known that Evil Donut actually had parents from the past. Evil Donut's Parents were seen in

A model of Evil Donut and his parents

Food Orb 0 as mutating donuts, and in Evil Donut's Lair Exploration in a photo on the shelf next to Evil Donut's bed. The photo was an easter egg, and over severals people have found it. There is also a model that has a young version of Evil Donut, including his parents with the same accessories. The model was never seemed to be used in any of the Food Orb games.


  • The idea of Evil Donut has been made when DeliciousBakedPie was eating a donut in a Thriftway store in real life.
  • Evil Donut is possibly the only food villain in Evil Donut's team that has one eye.
    • After Evil Donut was made, the entire Food Orb series started.
  • An animatronic version of Evil Donut appears in one of DeliciousBakedPie's games called Alex's Space Pizzeria, which is now only used as a roleplay level.
  • When you look closely at Evil Donut's skin, you see white speckles. If you think about it for a little, you can figure it out that it is actually sugar.
  • It is currently unknown if Evil Donut's parents are still alive, or dead.
  • Evil Donut can be seen inside his laboratory in the picture of when Evil Donut was building The Hackjacker in Food Orb 17 - The Hackjacker Strikes. However, the room where Evil Donut was building it at is not seen in Evil Donut's Lair Exploration.
  • Evil Donut's brain can be seen inside his head in the official Food Orb 20 game trailer.
    • You can strangely also see a donut hole in the background where the brain is located at.
  • Not only does Evil Donut appear in Dark Orb 10 as a remade character, Evil Smore also seems to be remade in the same game as well.


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