Evil Garbage Can's appearance.

Evil Garbage Can are one of the enemies of Evil Donut and his team, including DeliciousBakedPie.

Evil Garbage Can's appearance is a giant grey garbage can, with the lid used as a mouth. When Evil Garbage Can is talking, his lid mouth opens and closes. Evil Garbage Can also has 4 wheels on the bottom. The back wheels are used for legs, while the front wheels are used for arms.

Evil Garbage Can in Food Orb 12 attempted to steal Evil Donut's target, DeliciousBakedPie, and was successful. Evil Donut's team found out that Evil Garbage Can stole their target, and Evil Donut wasn't happy about that. At the end of the level, Evil Donut pushed Evil Garbage Can off the edge. After that, Evil Garbage Can was fixed by the help of his garbage can minions.

Evil Garbage Can's Return


Evil Garbage Can in his revived form.

In Food Orb 15, Evil Garbage Can came back, but in a revived form. He attempted to capture DeliciousBakedPie again, and was a success again. Evil Donut's team found out that Evil Garbage Can came back, and has new team members. Soon, they found out that Evil Garbage Can's team is in the junkyard of Evil Garbage Can's "Scary World". After all of that, Evil Donut's team were having a battle against Evil Garbage Can's team. The users playing that game helps save DeliciousBakedPie from a hanging cage, and sneaked out of the battle. At the end, it is revealed that Evil Donut's team won the battle, leaving Evil Garbage Can's team defeated. Evil Recycle Bin and Evil Trashbag argued about who let the team lost at the end.

The giant head that the Food Orb 15 battle took place in


  • It is unknown if Evil Garbage Can has garbage inside its lid mouth. It is most likely not true.
  • Evil Garbage Can can turn very aggressive once he encounters Evil Donut and his team.
  • Evil Garbage Can's revived form reveals that he smashed/broke some of his teeth during the fall after Evil Donut pushed him off the edge in Food Orb 12.
    • Evil Garbage Can also seemed to have twisted some of his wheels.