Evil Jafa Cake is a food villain and member of the Food Orb Team. Evil Jafa Cake is also a villain created by a user named hauntguy360.

Evil Jafa Cake's appearance from every game.

Evil Jafa Cake's appearance includes a jafa cake body. His body is so dark, you can barely see its red smiley face on the front. It has black stick limbs, like any other Food Orb member has. Also, if you look very closely, you can see a gray square pattern on the front.

Also, in Food Orb 10, it is revealed that Evil Jafa Cake is disgusting by brains. When you encounter the bouncy brains part on the second level of the rocket ship, you can see that Evil Jafa Cake is saying "i dont even want to know where all these brains came from!!" At the part when you have to avoid the germ monsters inside a giant brain, Evil Jafa Cake says "this is even more grosser!!"

Evil Jafa Cake getting grossed out.


  • Evil Jafa Cake does not like brains, cause he thinks they are gross, as revealed in Food Orb 10.
  • Evil Jafa Cake is colored black, and is very hard to see his red, thin face.
    • When you look very closely at Evil Jafa Cake's face, you can see a gray square pattern.
  • Evil Jafa Cake is similar to Evil Oreo, despite both of them being black.
  • One of Evil Jafa Cake's advantages, due to his very dark color is that he could also hide in the dark, but has never tried or done it before.