Evil Pizza's appearance in every game.

Evil Pizza is one of the food villains and one of the members of the Food Orb team. Evil Pizza was an idea for a villain from hauntguy360.

Evil Pizza's appearance is a slice of pizza with pepperoni on the front and back. No crust are seen on the bottom, however. Evil Pizza is shown with black stick limbs. His arms are placed differently, and are on the front.

Evil Pizza first appeared in Food Orb 3 - Mexico, along with Evil Cookie. Evil Pizza is known to be good friends with Evil Cookie (Mostly because Evil Pizza and Evil Cookie are usually with each other).

Evil Pizza's Death


Evil Pizza drowning. You can see a badge of the death next to him.

Evil Pizza died in Food Orb 13 - Soggy Food. He died by drowning on the sinking ship near the end of the game. He was never seen again after that, but then returned in Food Orb 15 - Evil Garbage Can's Revenge by a revive machine that the Dark Apprentice gave to Evil Donut.


  • Evil Pizza is the only Food Orb villain that died and brought back to life.
    • This leaves Evil Cracker to be the only one currently dead.
  • DeliciousBakedPie has to make two face decals for Evil Pizza to make a complete emotion.
  • Since Evil Pizza died in Food Orb 13 and came back in Food Orb 15, then that caused Evil Pizza to be absent in Food Orb 14.