Evil Trashbag's appearance.

Evil Trashbag is a member of Evil Garbage Can's Team. He first appeared in Food Orb 15 - Evil Garbage Can's Revenge. Evil Trashbag is a character created by a user named uglygarlic.

Evil Trashbag's appearance is a black trashbag. Evil Trashbag is shown with eyes with red pupils, including a big mouth with sharp teeth. Evil Trashbag, however, does not have limbs, but can still jump, or walk.

In the end of Food Orb 15 - Evil Garbage Can's Revenge, Evil Trashbag argued with Evil Recycle Bin on who actually let the team lose in the battle.


  • It is unknown how Evil Trashbag can walk around and jump while lacking any limbs.
    • It is probably the force of his body that makes him move around.
  • Evil Trashbag perhaps looks like the most menancing in Evil Garbage Can's team.
  • Evil Trashbag can probably roll around due to his spherical shape, but it has not been proven quite yet.
  • Evil Trashbag was previously seen in Food Orb 12 as only a scary shortcut monster, but soon became a villain of Evil Garbage Can's team.