Evil Waffle's appearance in every game.

Evil Waffle is a food villain and member of the Food Orb team. Evil Waffle is originally created by a user named thomasfan099.

Evil Waffle's appearance is the shape and body of square-shaped waffles (without the syrup). Evil Waffle has a smiley face on the front of his body, and has black stick limbs like any other food villain/member.

It is known for Evil Waffle to be crazy and playful with the other food members. He is also very hyper sometimes. Evil Waffle is also known to be loyal with his master, Evil Donut. Evil Waffle also appeared in other games, such as The Revenge Orb by thomasfan099. Even though Evil Waffle doesn't like sharp things, he put down some spikes to block the user in Food Orb 7 - Return to the Weird World.

Evil Waffle appearing in a thumbnail.


  • Evil Waffle's default face is actually an image that is copied from Google Images.
  • Strangely, Evil Waffle is plain, as you can not see any butter or syrup on him.
  • Evil Waffle has poseable model eyebrows, which probably NONE of the other Food villains have.
  • Thomasfan099 also made a youtube video on his channel (TF099 channel) that has Evil Donut and Evil Waffle. Evil Waffle walks over to Evil Donut and says "Guess who made waffles?", but Evil Donut replies and says "I'm not going to eat that". Then Evil Waffle starts to have a crazy tantrum, but then the tantrum is shut off when Evil Donut yells "Enough! I will try it already". The youtube video is called WTFDELIWAFFLES.avi.


    The WTFDELIWAFFLES.avi spoof video. The audio clip is from Invader Zim.


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