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VOIDED Food Orb 0

Badges 11
Visits More than 4,500
Max Players 25
Created 9/9/2014

Food Orb 0 is an exploration game created by DeliciousBakedPie. It consists of 11 badges to find and it was first made on 9/9/14.

The game takes place in Evil Donut's Weird World in the past, on the day the world was made. This game also took place before Evil Donut became the owner of it.


"this brand new game official maded by deliciousbakedpie!!!! do not copy!!!!

welcome all the way back to the past to the time when the food orb was all shapeing up and the time when evil donut and hes parents only were born!!!! explore an strange world with weird monsters bizarre places and keep an eye in the sky out for hidden badges secrets riddles and meanings of things!!!!

credit: credit to all whoever winned their monster into the monster contest of the monster hotel in this game!!! credit to tinfoilbot for all of the inspireation putted that it to be put into this game!!!! credit gives to YOU the most for playeign this awsome game that i did work very hard on!!!!"


  • DeliciousBakedPie planned on adding a castle in the game, where Evil Smore was going to be seen as a wizard before he accidently turned himself into a smore, but it was never added. Despite that this area/idea was never made, the fact that the wizard accidently turned into what is called Evil Smore now is not canon, or an actual story.
  • Not only is Evil Donut shown as a newborn, Master Techbot and his never-seen before parents appear as well. Master Techbot in this scene is not born yet, and his parents appear as their brains in containers. It is unknown if his parents are alive or not.
  • Two gamepasses are available for the game; the VIP Gamepass, and the Loop Tunnel gamepass, which is a conveyor belt tube that loops, with un-anchored balls inside of it.
  • For finding all 10 badges in the game, you are awarded the 11th badge from the game for getting all the other badges.