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VOIDED Food Orb 15

Badges 5
Visits More than 2,120
Max Players 20
Created 7/25/2014
Previous Game Food Orb 14
Next Game Food Orb 16

Food Orb 15 is the fifteenth game of The Food Orb Series. It is created on 7/25/2014. The game has 5 badges. In this game, Evil Garbage Can returns for the last time and steals DeliciousBakedPie. He cages him and puts him inside his Scary World, in The Junkyard. Evil Donut's team find out that Evil Garbage Can returned and stole DeliciousBakedPie again, and then they walk out their lair and lead the path to where Evil Garbage Can and DeliciousBakedPie are. In between the part when you are in The Junkyard, it shows that Evil Garbage Can got new members to make up his own team, named Evil Trashbag and Evil Recycle Bin. At the end, Evil Donut and Evil Garbage Can's team battle each other, while you sneak past the battle and free DeliciousBakedPie. At the end, it shows that Evil Donut's team has won, while Evil Garbage Can's team is arguing. Evil Pizza comes back to life from a machine that Evil Donut got from the Dark Apprentice from the Light Orb series.


"Note: This is a Tinfoilbot-like game. Credit goes to Tinfoilbot for the music, inspiration, and other things. Credit also goes to uglygarlic and hauntguy360 for the ideas for the obstacles and monsters in the game. Credit goes to BadTheBloxxer for the ideas of the junkyard and the thumbnail.

story: ounce upon an time deli was in hes room like always until evil garbage can camed back and decided to get hes revenge!!!! he taked and jailed deliciousbakedpie and put him in the main part of the junkyard!!!! you and the food orb team have an adveture in evil garbage cans weird and scary world to defeat evil garbage can and save deliciousbakedpie!!!!!!!!!!! lots of obstacles and traps stand in youre way thogh, can you make it throgh the journey alive?"


  • Evil Pizza comes to life at the end scene of this game, but not Evil Cracker, which leaves him behind.
  • Somewhere in the game there is a hidden Ghost Pizza badge, next to Evil Pizza as a ghost. You could get the badge if you find him as a ghost before he came back to life.
  • Some of this game is heavily inspired by Tinfoilbot, since it has a lot of the Vodgreen's World 2 and 0 theme.
  • The Giant Frog Head entrance was originated from the frog head scene in one of Turbo_Egg_Salad's games on LittleBigPlanet 2.



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