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VOIDED Food Orb 17

Badges 4
Visits More than 2,510
Max Players 25
Created 8/16/2014
Previous Game Food Orb 16
Next Game Food Orb 18

Food Orb 17 is the seventeenth game of The Food Orb Series. It is created on 8/16/2014. The game has 4 badges. In this game, a new villain named The Hackjacker, which turned out to be an invention made by Evil Donut, malfunctions and turns its back on Evil Donut and his team. He captures all of Evil Donut's team and DeliciousBakedPie and trapped them inside a blue forcefield. At the end, you have to pull an extremely suspicious lever to free them all. Evil Donut sneakily took the Hackjacker's batteries (it is unknown how he did this) from his case and the Hackjacker has been deactivated. Everything turns back to normal in Evil Donut's Weird World (and possibly other places near that).


"Note: This is a Tinfoilbot-like game. Credit goes to Tinfoilbot for the music, inspiration, and other things. Credit also goes to Rebloxicon2 for the fun slide part idea and probably other people for things.

story: ounce upon an time deliciousbakedpie was do in hes room until someone else captured him this time with the force of hacking!!!! he got captured by an hacking robot that is called the HACKJACKER!!!!!!!!! you got to save deliciousbakedpie and the food orb villians which mean that they got capture too!!!! also theres is an twist in the end and it turns out, cant tell you. its an suprise!!!!!"


  • Both this game and Greenboy Orb 7 have the number seven in their titles.
  • There is a twist at the end where it shows that Evil Donut built the Hackjacker, the other twist in Greenboy Orb 7 shows that there was an AI Pilot inside of the Hackjacker.
  • In the skybox of this game, a realistic mechanic eyeball is in it. The same applies to Greenboy Orb 7, but not a mechanic eye.
  • There are cameos of Darwin Watterson from The Amazing World of Gumball in it. Another cameo of him appears in Greenboy Orb 7.
  • The sock puppets became major monsters/characters in both this game and Greenboy Orb 7, due to its use and the fact of the sock puppets having their own castle and king in Greenboy Orb 7.



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