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VOIDED Food Orb 20

Badges 4
Visits More than 4,080
Max Players 35
Created 10/12/2014
Previous Game Food Orb 19

Food Orb 20 is the twentieth game of The Food Orb Series. It is created on 10/12/2014. The game has 4 badges. In this game, Evil Donut takes full control of his robot mech suit, The Donutmegatron (Boss) and sets up very hard obstacles in order to try to stop you from saving DeliciousBakedPie. At the end, The Donutmegatron has been defeated and Evil Donut gives up (and possibly his team). Greenboy and Purple Monster (Greenboy's Helper) show up, asking if they can have the job of capturing DeliciousBakedPie. Evil Donut agrees and Greenboy is shown grabbing DeliciousBakedPie away.


"Note: This is a Tinfoilbot-like game. Credit goes to Tinfoilbot for the inspiration, the sign in the beginning and for many other things ingame. Credit also goes to everyone else, as for example Spencergamer, for the music at the ending.

story: after 19 many different food orb games of capturing deliciousbakedpie and kept failing, evil donut have had enogh!!!! evil donut is planning something very bad, and only one person can stop him!!! do you have what it takes to defeat the most biggerest boss battle in the entire orb game community?! only one person can do it, and it is you!!!! deliciousbakedpie has been captured, and who knows what evil donut is going to do to stop you... (THE LAST FOOD ORB GAME OMG :O)"


  • Food Orb 20 is the very last Food Orb game in the series.
  • This game is partly the other half of the previous game Food Orb 19.
  • The Creepy Doll toy and badge at the end of the game inside the playhouse slightly resembles The Puppet from Five Nights at Freddy's 2.



Food orb 20 - the offical trailer!!-0

Food orb 20 - the offical trailer!!-0

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