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VOIDED Food Orb 6

Badges None
Visits More than 4,460
Max Players 20
Created 4/5/2014
Previous Game Food Orb 5
Next Game Food Orb 7

Food Orb 6 is the sixth game of The Food Orb Series. It is created on 4/5/2014. This game is a classic compared to the other games in the series. The game has no badges. In this game, Alien Donut abducts DeliciousBakedPie and Evil Donut in his UFO and you have to save DeliciousBakedPie and Evil Donut and defeat Alien Donut for the first time.


"Note: This is a Tinfoilbot-like game. Credit goes to Tinfoilbot for some of the decals.

story: ounce upon a time deliciousbakedpie was in hes bedroom then evil donut came to try and capture him but a green light shined and it felt as if the house was lifting up!!! it turns out that alien donut came and abducted them in their spaceship and trapped them in glass cages!! you have now got to save deliciousbakedpie and evil donut and defeat alien donut!!!!!!!!!"


  • This is the first game that Alien Donut appears in as a canon character, his early version of him appeared as a cameo/hint in Food Orb 5.
  • None of Evil Donut's other team members appear in this game, only Evil Donut and DeliciousBakedPie themselves.