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VOIDED Food Orb 9

Badges 12
Visits More than 6,105
Max Players 15
Created 5/9/2014
Previous Game Food Orb 8
Next Game Food Orb 10

Food Orb 9 is the ninth game of The Food Orb Series. It is created on 5/9/2014. This game is a classic compared to the other games in the series. The game has 12 badges. In this game, Evil Donut cages DeliciousBakedPie in a strange world called Toyland, that revolves around toys and bedroom props. At the end, you save DeliciousBakedPie and jump inside the toilet, avoiding Evil Donut's minions and then you escape Toyland.


"Note: This is a Tinfoilbot-like game. Credit goes to Tinfoilbot for the decals. Credit also goes to red412 for the anti-bluecap67 script. Credit goes to Tinfoilbot for the 3 scary clowns from scary shortcut in Dark Orb 10.

story: ounce upon an time after alien donut was defeated evil donut has gotted an new plan. evil donut then captures deliciousbakedpie and traps him in an new world called TOYLAND!!! you now got to risk your life saving deliciousbakedpie and getting past all of the hard obstacles and monsters!!!!!! in this food orb game an villian does do die!!!!!!!!"


  • A badge of one of Hauntguy360's monsters appears in the game, named Spiker.
    • Other badges also show other people's stuff, like Red412's deadly dark crown, Bob the Alien from Dark Orb 10 and the Scary Clown Face badge with one of the faces of the clowns from Dark Orb 10.
  • The three clown monsters appear in the game as a cameo/hint for Dark Orb 10, by Tinfoilbot.
  • This game reveals Tall Purple Monster's house.
  • Like the Alien Donut egg, an egg version of DeliciousBakedPie appears in the game, with a badge near it.



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