A Garbage Can Minion's appearance.

Garbage Can Minions are members/minions of Evil Garbage Can and the team. The minions have appeared in Food Orb 12 and Food Orb 15.

The Garbage Can Minion's appearances is the body of a garbage can, much smaller than Evil Garbage Can's body. They have lid mouths like Evil Garbage Can does, except that the minions have only 3 teeth. They also have pedals on the bottom front middle.

In Food Orb 12, the minions tried to catch the user inside the red tower at the top part. If you touch the minions, they will kill the user ingame. Evil Garbage Can will even kill you if you touch him, too.


  • Garbage Can Minions lack limbs, which makes it unknown how they can move and jump around.
    • It's probably the force of their bodies that makes it this way.
  • Garbage Can Minion's mouths are probably detachable, due to one of the Food villains cutting one of the minion's lid mouths off in the battle of Food Orb 15.
  • It can be possible that the pedals that the Garbage Can Minions have could have been their feet.