Goldboy's appearance.

Goldboy is a character that does not appear in any Food Orb games, but is known to appear in the new Greenboy Orb series. Goldboy is a character that is originally created by a user named Uglygarlic.

Goldboy's appearance is a Purple Monster-like character, but instead has a Greenboy body shape, and has two arms on the sides. One of the arms is facing up, while the other one faces down. Goldboy has the same bumpy shape.


  • Goldboy is most likely a recolored version of Purple Monster with thicker arms pointing to the top and bottom directions instead.
  • It is yet unknown if Goldboy is actually yellow, or pure gold.
  • Uglygarlic, the creator of Goldboy, made a mutant version of Goldboy, which is not yet used in the Greenboy Orb series yet. It is unknown if Mutant Goldboy will ever appear in the series.
  • It is possible for Goldboy and Purple Monster to be friends with each other, notice the similarities between each other.