Greenboy's character

Greenboy is a character that appeared in Food Orb 20, Vodgreen's World 1, Vodgreen's World 2 and is a major character in Vodgreen's World 0. He will soon be a major character in the new Greenboy Orb series.

Greenboy's appearance is a green head with a face that has closed eyes, a thin nose and a red-lipped mouth. Greenboy has only one arm, and is a little bumpy at the top. Greenboy also has some hair on his back, and a little around his face.

Greenboy is a minor character in the Food Orb, despite that he only appeared in Food Orb 20, and also in Food Orb 17 in a secret area. In Food Orb 20, Greenboy is seen at the end of the game. After Evil Donut gives up his job, Greenboy came, along with Purple Monster and asked if he can have the job to capture their target (DeliciousBakedPie). Evil Donut agreed to give the job to Greenboy, and Greenboy then grabs DeliciousBakedPie's leg and captures him. There is a sign at the very end of the game with Greenboy on it that says that a new orb series called the Greenboy Orb will come sometime. It is known that Greenboy will have his own team. Here are the teammates that Greenboy has on his personal team:

  • Purple Monster (original Greenboy helper)
  • Bluegal (made by LaserPewPew)
  • Darkman (made by BadTheBloxxer)
  • Goldboy (made by Uglygarlic)

Vodgreen's World 0

In Vodgreen's World 0, Greenboy makes a major appearance in the game. He even has his own place area (The Greenboy Show). In the beginning of the game, there is a television with Greenboy on it and the title on it. If you try to walk infront of the tv infront of you in the distance, there is an invisible conveyor belt that takes you to it. Jumping inside the TV screen will take you inside The Greenboy Show. The map, however seems to be a hallway. You can barely move inside it, and you can move anywhere but onto the path of the conveyor belt that is taking you. There are also lots of black spheres that stretch from the beginning of the hallway to near the end of it. The floor is yellow, the walls are lime-colored green with Greenboy(s) on them. The ceiling is also lime-colored. The music in the Greenboy Show can be heard even more than outside the TV. Various monsters also are in the area, including a Vampire monster, Purple Monster hiding in one of the holes, a black arm popping from the wall side, two red hand decorations and to what appears a "sock-puppet" monster that pops up sometimes infront of you from the floor. The wallpaper also changes the further you go. Near the very end of the map, there is a large hole that allows you to see Greenboy and Purple Monster inside the room. A dead robloxian can be seen laying on the floor with a blood puddle underneath it that is shaped like Greenboy himself. Greenboy also seems to be turned to the direction to where the black orb is that is hovering above the robloxian. Purple Monster also gets his first speech line, which is "greenboy 124 is enogh!!!! ohhh greeeenboy hahahah". Whoever is trapped inside the dresser/drawer to the right of the room also seems to be saying half of the speech itself, too.

Greenboy's official theme song from Vodgreen's World 0. The song is made by Tinfoilbot.
Greenboy's Theme Song 2
The creepy echos of the theme song when you are outside the television set.
Greenboy's Theme 1


  • The original maker of Greenboy is Tinfoilbot. The other character being made by Tinfoilbot is Purple Monster.
  • It is sorta known for Greenboy to disgrace Purple Monster sometimes, due to his traps failing pretty easily.
  • In Greenboy's monster form made from Tinfoilbot (seen in Vodgreen's World 0), the red lips around his mouth makes it look like blood, but it is confirmed by Tinfoilbot that it is not blood, it is just his lips.
    • It is also to be revealed that Greenboy has sharp teeth that looks like wood.
  • In Greenboy Orb 2 - Russia, Greenboy wears his own Russian hat throughout the game.
  • In Greenboy Orb 1 in the Scary Shortcut area, there is a ghostly version of Greenboy floating. It is currently unknown if it is important or serves any purpose.
    GB wall

    The official Greenboy Wallpaper decal, drawn and effects made by Tinfoilbot himself. Notice how the arms are not on the right side.

  • Greenboy is currently the only member in Greenboy's Team to have only one arm.
  • In one of Tinfoilbot's official hidden accounts to make Vodgreen's World 0 (1wproject), there was a Greenboy Show wallpaper decal. If you look closely, you can see that all of the arms on the Greenboy's are as a left arm when they are actually supposed to be on the right.
  • Greenboy has his own place area in Vodgreen's World 0 called The Greenboy Show. It appears to be a long hallway that shows various monsters, such as a vampire with its legs sticking out or the red hand decorations. As you go further, the wallpaper changes (which is probably a bad sign). At the end of the place map, you can see Greenboy and Purple Monster together, along with a dead robloxian on a puddle of blood shaped like Greenboy himself. A black orb is hovering above the corpse, and Purple Monster says "greenboy 124 is enogh!!! ohhh greeeenboy hahahah".
    GB badge

    Greenboy's own character badge by Tinfoilbot from Vodgreen's World 0. The description is "from the childrens teleavison show that is at weird world!!! he likes to be everyones freind until the show ends".

  • Greenboy has his own character badge officially made by Tinfoilbot for Vodgreen's World 0, but the badge got removed from the game due to Tinfoilbot losing his builders club membership.
    • Purple Monster also seems to have his own badge from the same game as well.
    • There is also an alternative version of the Greenboy character badge on the same game, except the colors are changed to white, gray, etc. The badge name is called "Corrupted Greenboy Badge". The badge also is completely hidden somewhere at the Greenboy Show map.
  • Greenboy's very first appearance remains in Vodgreen's World 1, a game made officially by Tinfoilbot. Greenboy ingame is displayed as a scenic monster or just a face in the background.
    • This is also Greenboy's first appearance where he doesn't include a right arm or a square body outline.


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