A Greenboy's minion's appearance.

Greenboy's minions are robotic minions who are for assistance with Greenboy and his team. Their first appearance was in Greenboy Orb 3 - Attack of Greenboy's Minions.

Their appearance is a gray metal box with a Cyclops-like eyeball (similar to that of Evil Donut's). On the front there is a line with bolts alongside it. There is what appears to be a green light above it's eyeball. There is a booster on the bottom which allows it to hover freely which is an advantage. It has two arms on both sides of the body with an antennae on the top that is red which could be used for signals in future games.

In Greenboy Orb 3, a various minion helped capture DeliciousBakedPie and brought it into a cage inside Greenboy's lair. Another Greenboy minion also asked Greenboy what to do in a meanwhile part, which the answer turned out for them to make puzzling obstacles instead of regular obstacles (for example, an obstacle where you have to pick the right colored path).

An audio clip of a Greenboy Minion that is used in the Greenboy Orb 3 song. The voice and song is made by DeliciousBakedPie.
Greenboy Minion - Target Detected


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