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VOIDED Greenboy Orb 2

Badges 3
Visits More than 1,655
Max Players 25
Created 2/10/2015
Previous Game Greenboy Orb 1
Next Game Greenboy Orb 3

Greenboy Orb 2 is the second game of The Greenboy Orb Series. It is created and published on 2/10/2015. The game has 3 badges. In this game, Greenboy and his teammates capture DeliciousBakedPie and lock him in a cage that hangs inside a giant Moscow tower in Russia.


"Note: This is a Tinfoilbot-designed game. Credit applies to Tinfoilbot for all the inspiration and detail to make Greenboy, Purple Monster, and the monsters/theme. Credit also goes to everyone else for their stuff, such as Greenboy's team and their monsters.

story: ounce upon an time deliciousbakedpie was in hes bedroom but then greenboy and hes team camed to capture him and lock up him inside an cage in the top of an russian tower that is in moscow!!!!! you do got to get past the traps that greenboy made and the snow blockages that try to keep you from going there. do you have what it takes to save your hero???"


  • Greenboy's Minions did not exist when this game was made. They are only introduced in the next game of the series.
  • This game is quite similar to Food Orb 2, despite DeliciousBakedPie being inside/on a tower, just like in Greenboy Orb 2, and to be both games in the series to take place in a real life place for the first time in a series.



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