VOIDED Greenboy Orb 6

Badges 4
Visits More than 1,915
Max Players 20
Created 7/19/2015
Previous Game Greenboy Orb 5
Next Game Greenboy Orb 7

Greenboy Orb 6 is the sixth game of The Greenboy Orb Series. It is on 7/19/2015. The game has 3 badges. In this game, Greenboy and his teammates capture DeliciousBakedPie and lock him up inside a giant blimp to drop DeliciousBakedPie off into a volcano.


"Note: This is a Tinfoilbot-designed game. Credit applies to Tinfoilbot for all the inspiration and detail to make Greenboy, Purple Monster, and the monsters/theme. Credit also goes to everyone else for their stuff if they are in this game.

story: ounce upon an time deliciousbakedpie was in hes room walking back and forth wondereing what to do until greenboy did capture him by using an claw that is used to capture people and transported them to the blimp!!! the blimp is darkmans idea which was do from the cutscene ending part that it from greenboy orb 5 and now you got to save deliciousbakedpie from the evil blimp tha is flying in the air!!!! you do got to hurry or else greenboy will soon do unleash deiciousbakedpie in the cage and it will do make him fall into an vollcnao!!!!

addition: there is an blimp buffet restaurent tha is to buy the gamepass to!! it does have vending machine where you can get food and drinks fromn there!! and you also get to do meet blimpy which is the mascot!!"


  • If you remove the scary bag mask off of the blue bird monster's face then it will reveal a big block of text.
  • There is a cameo of Flappy Bird in the Arcade area, which is renamed to Flappy DBP.
  • On the Arcade area wallpaper, there are cameos of characters from Pacman, Space Invaders, and other retro games.
  • In the Blimp Buffet, there are buttons on the snack machines that have Evil Donut and Evil Cookie that dispense Evil Donut snacks and cookies.
    • There is also a button that says "an food idea decided by an 6 year old", that dispenses feces from the machine. When you try to eat it, it enables a sound of a goat screaming.




Unused Gamepasses

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