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VOIDED Greenboy Orb 7

Badges 7
Visits More than 1,790
Max Players 20
Created 8/3/2015
Previous Game Greenboy Orb 6
Next Game Greenboy Orb 8

Greenboy Orb 7 is the seventh game of The Greenboy Orb Series. It is created 8/3/2015. The game has 7 badges. In this game, Greenboy and his teammates lock DeliciousBakedPie in the closet because of Bluegal's idea. Afterwards, The Hackjacker comes back in a half-broken form and threatens to kill Greenboy and his team if they don't tell the Hackjacker where DeliciousBakedPie is at.


"Note: This is a Tinfoilbot-designed game. Credit applies to Tinfoilbot for all the inspiration and detail to make Greenboy, Purple Monster, and the monsters/theme. Credit also goes to everyone else for their monster entries that won and people's obstacle ideas.

story: after goldboy did capture deliciousbakedpie and stored him in an closet to be hidden away forever, the hackjacker did come back as hes grand return and he captured all the greenboy orb villians!!! the hackjacker does almost appear as in an broken state but he still is alive!!! the hackjacker is asking where deliciousbakedpie is to the greenboy orb villians but greenboy and the others wouldent tell him!! what does happen??? will hackjacker will be defeateds again??? what secrets may there be??? tha will all be solved which are in this game!!! don't forget to find secret badges which also are in this game!!! WARN don't not dislike the game as for difficulity!! if you cant win the game then that's youre problem not mine!"


  • Some of the decorations, decals and objects are mostly remakes of the wacky things from the Hackjacker's world in Food Orb 17.
  • A cameo of Tony the Talking Clock from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2 returns in this game, as one of the answers in the quiz building.
  • A picture of DeliciousBakedPie's pet cat, named Pancake who is a Persian cat appears as a cameo in a PNG image inside the giant computer set as an image file you can step on.
  • The monsters that won in the monster contest for this game appears on a contract at the end of Greenboy Orb 7.