Haunted Deli's original appearance.

Haunted Deli is a creepypasta character originally created by DeliciousBakedPie. Haunted Deli has been seen pretty rarely, and briefly in Food Orb games.

Haunted Deli's appearance is the same body and character as DeliciousBakedPie, but in an alternative, and corrupted version of him. He has eyes and a mouth, that are made out of scribbles. He also is seen with a bloody tear on the corner of his right eye.

Haunted Deli is only seen in a few games by DeliciousBakedPie. Some of them are Food Orb 14 - Creepypasta Land, and in Haunted Deli's Dimension.

Haunted Deli's True Form


Haunted Deli's true form

Haunted Deli's first appearance where he had a true form is in a decal that DeliciousBakedPie first made on 7/30/2014. It originally had four huge spider legs, forming from the bottom of the body, which is made of blood and flesh. It had dark drips of blood dripping from its legs. Its arms are still in the same place.

Haunted Deli's first true form design

But then LaserPewPew did not like the idea, because he thought that it copied his PuppetPewPew's True Form model. So DeliciousBakedPie created a second design of Haunted Deli, but this time, with bloody flesh spike arms. LaserPewPew still thought it copied his PuppetPewPew, but DeliciousBakedPie never wanted to change it again. He let Haunted Deli stay the same design. Soon, many fans got inspired by this idea, and decided to make their own creepypastas in almost the same design, but this time, with their own ROBLOX characters in it instead. For example, Bloodbloxion/Haunted Bloxion, Haunted Garlic, Haunted Thomasfan099, etc.

Haunted Deli's Dimension

Haunted Deli's Dimension is an alternate universe of almost every world from the Food Orb series. It has a very dark background temperature and ambient, including almost the entire lobby to be corrupted. A dark corrupted version of DeliciousBakedPie's house can also be seen. If you look closely into the skybox, you can see a dark creepy hotel room. Here is a list of some places that appeared in Haunted Deli's Dimension in the game Haunted Deli's Dimension Exploration.

The Lobby

Haunted Deli's House
My roblox creepypasta!!! - haunted deli

My roblox creepypasta!!! - haunted deli

The Prison

The Toy Store

The Fortune Teller

The Clock Tower

The Room


The GardenMaze™

Haunted Deli's Birthday

The VIP Area

The VIP Room Addition


  • Haunted Deli is not a villain in any of the Food Orb games.
.Haunted Deli extended mouth

A highly-detailed drawing of Haunted Deli by DeliciousBakedPie himself.

*Haunted Deli is the most menancing and creepiest villain DeliciousBakedPie ever made (not comparing to other people's works).
  • DeliciousBakedPie possibly got reincarnated into Haunted Deli once he got sucked into his computer screen in the Haunted Deli creepypasta video.
    • This is just a theory, and has never been proven yet.
  • Haunted Deli's fleshly legs and arms are very similar to that of PuppetPewPew's.
  • DeliciousBakedPie once made a decal called "Haunted Deli's Scary Face", which shows Haunted Deli's face, but in a angrier expression, and which in half of its face is entirely split, remaining only flesh and veins.
    Haunted deli scary face

    Haunted Deli's real face.

    • This is also the first time Haunted Deli showed his teeth.
  • DeliciousBakedPie likes to make big detailed MS Paint drawings of Haunted Deli sometimes. One of his drawings are displayed above.
Decaying DBP Gif

An animation GIF made by the original creator (DeliciousBakedPie) where DBP's body melts and decays. This is a reference to Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2 and the Haunted Deli creepypasta.

  • Haunted Deli also has his own hidden room under DeliciousBakedPie's room in Food Orb 14 - Creepypasta World with a badge inside of it.