The main lobby area in the game. You can see the location teleporters and the Clock Tower in the middle.

Haunted Deli's Dimension is a dark, corrupted world which is a complete alternate dimension of DeliciousBakedPie's world. The dimension is known to have probably at least 10 areas/places in this dimension. The areas are known to be Haunted Deli's House, Haunted Deli's Birthday place, the Prison, a toy store, a Fortune Teller place, the Clock Tower building (which is probably the main area), a strange room called "The Room", a down-town area and a garden maze. There is also an obtainable area that you can achieve to get and enter into by buying the V.I.P gamepass. The exclusive room is probably a fancy lobby/meeting room for the characters in this game.

Also, if you look closely into the skybox, you can see the skybox being inside a dark, eerie hotel room. There somehow appears to be a picture frame hung on the wall, a drawer with a lamp on top of it, a window with curtains blocking it, and a bed. You can see the second bed if you look at the bottom picture part of the skybox. There appears to be some strange purse on one of the beds.

This dark, eerie dimension is also known for Haunted Deli to hunt people down, and live at.

Haunted Deli's House

Haunted Deli's House appears to be a complete opposite corrupted version of DeliciousBakedPie's house in the original dimension. Inside the house is a blue computer that leads to the original dimension into DeliciousBakedPie's original home, where the red-screen glowing computer

Haunted Deli's bedroom. Notice the computer glowing on the left side.

appears to be at. The red computer is also talked about in the creepypasta of Haunted Deli, as shown in the video. Inside Haunted Deli's bedroom has various opposite pictures and drawings of DeliciousBakedPie getting crossed out, getting its face scribbled out, and also having a part of the picture torn off. Everything in this room is blacked-out, including the toys. The bed also has an opposite haunted dimension appearance, as Evil Donut is colored dark gray, with a black eyeball with a gray pupil. The rug also has a B/W appearance, with the pictures of the hero version of DeliciousBakedPie, having their faces crossed out. Nothing much different remains downstairs, as everything you see down there is colored black. However, besides the dark corrupted differences, there is only one new item. There seems to be a closet at the back of the house that you can only enter inside the house. While a "do not enter" sign is on the door, inside the closet/like room is shown to have a dark, gray coat character with a fedora, a black, shadow-like head and a red-glowing face. Outside of the house are dead, gray finger-like trees that surround the building.

Haunted Deli's Birthday

Haunted Deli's Birthday is the second area that you could sometimes experience. The ladder to the area is unfortunately unobtainable to climb up, due to ROBLOX's game updates. When you actually climb up the ladder, you get to crawl through a vent pathway. In between the vent pathways, you get to

Haunted Deli murdering the robloxians.

see a room with a hallway at the back right corner. A green crumbled-paper-like wall surrounds the room, with purple flowers on the wall as a pattern. A big banner connects and hangs from the ceiling as the words on it say in red "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". You can clearly see dead robloxians on the wall and floors. Detached limbs and puddles of blood appear to be around these characters. You can also see the main leader and owner of the Haunted dimension, Haunted Deli. You can see him near the left side of the room, stabbing into one of the unfortunate robloxian's chest. If you look at Haunted Deli's face, you can see him menancingly smiling. A strange door at the end of the hallway at the left seems to be boarded up, with two flowers used as eyeballs to signify the door area, but the door seems to lead to nowhere, but might most likely be used as an exit. Throughout the rest of the vent pathway, you will see a skeleton behind a broken hole at the corner named Ralph. At the end of the vent pathway, there will be a teleporter that takes you back to the lobby.

The Prison

The Prison starts off as a short hall with notes/posters hung on the wall sides that say "Help! I got framed by someone", "I got framed", "No one believes me", and "It's all a LIE". The floors and ceilings are surrounded by dark-gray brick walls, cameras and chairs. A jail cell appears at the right side of the prison, with padded walls, floors and ceilings with dirt and blood covered on them. The bars on the prison are crooked, and the closed jail door has bloody hand-prints on them. There are two chairs inside the jail cell that are labered in red blood "ME", and "HIM". If you look at the back of the chairs, you see the words "DBP", and "TFB". This means that whoever sat in the chairs were probably DeliciousBakedPie and Tinfoilbot, but it is most unlikely, since it has never been said or proven that they have been here. A hanging rope also appears to be hanging from the ceiling. At the other side of the prison is a security room with various camera screens. A dark metal desk appears to be here, with strange papers and files with scribble text and pictures. A radio is on the left side of the desk, which looks like a face. The chair in this room is a dark-greenish color. Also, a very mysterious shadow appears to be running with a knife if you look VERY closely on the picture at the camera screen on the most-left side. Another picture in a even closer view is hung from the wall on the right side of the wall. Now in the middle of the prison appears to be a wall with four, weird-shaped characters with various-shaped bodies and faces in a height comparison. A camera seems to be pointing at them. If you try to walk behind the wall with characters on them, you will be inside a very dark room surrounded in the red text "FRAMED". This might be meaning that the characters on the wall were framed for a bad reason.

Toy Store

The Toy Store is a dark-grey colored building with a B/W arm sticking at the left side, with pipes emerging from the roof. A wide window is shown here, as posters on the walls say things like "TOYS NOT BEING BOUGHT MUCH", and "WE NEED MORE MONEY", meaning that the toy store is not really getting a lot of money, due to their conflict reactions on toys. Inside the toy store is a sign that says "WELCOME TO THE TOY STORE". The room is filled with shelves and walls of eerie dolls, jack-in-the-boxes and toys. On the left is a poster of one of Tinfoilbot's games, Vodgreen's World 0. A counter at the left corner appears to have a cash register with a big nail stuck in it, and on the back is a collection of shelves of toys. In between those

The background of the Toy Store room.

is a worker of the toy store, which appears to have two heads, but makes it looks like a nose with two nostrils, and with one eye. The arms on the body are completely curled up into swirls, and the bottom of the body is not shown. There is a hanging sign next to him that says "Now at a 25% discount!!!". When looking around the building, you will see a wide beige door that says "Authorized personal only". Upon entering the door will lead you to a huge, eerie room with the Greenboy Show theme song in it. In the background of the giant room is similar to the skybox in the dimension; it looks like as if it was inside a realistic toy store with hanging paper airplanes and various ugly-dolls and toys inside shelves and walls. A strange person/worker seems to be near the right of the picture. While you are stuck motion-less on a conveyor belt that looks like a wooden bridge, you will see various devilish toys that are way bigger than they should be. Inside the room is a hanging yellow hook, an "Igor" plush doll, a test dummy doll, a sock-puppet Evil Micko, an evil choo-choo train, a giant jack-in-the-box eyball toy, some incredibly tall legs with white boots on the bottom, a big Poe the Dragon plush doll with a missing eye, and a "happy-looking" heart plush. You will then be able to walk around after the moment, and will be having to walk into a hallway full of various hearts/organs on strings as they hang from the ceiling. At the end of the hallway is a locked door that you can't get inside of. There is a stool that you can sit on to look through the window. Upon looking through the window, you will see the worker/assistant of the toy store and another character on which seems to be the boss of the toy store. The appearance of the toy store owner has a black robe-like body, with pointy fingers/hands/arms, a round head with eerie, red glowing slit-eyes. He appears to be saying "My evil plan is now complete. All of my toys will now rip out all of their robloxian hearts and use them as a collection". A chalk-board is seen on the wall that shows a diagram, or a plan schedule that shows a created ragdoll about to rip out someone's heart. This clearly states that the toys were made to steal other people's hearts to use them as a collection. This is also why not many people are buying their toys.

The Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller area starts out as a circus tent with rainbow colors on it. Upon entering will reveal a wooden floor, a rug with magic tophats and canes on it, a basket full of miscellaneous items, such as a dead rabbit and a bloody chainsaw. Two big rusty pipes are at the right side of the room. In the middle of the room is a fortune-teller machine with a character named Vandalk, the Fortune Teller. Vandalk appears to be a black shadow-like character with two white pupils and a purple crystal attached to his forehead. He is also hovering two shiny blue orbs above each hand. There is a button on the machine that shows an one-cent slot. You can just press the button, and you can hear Vandalk saying "Your fortune is that in the future, you will die" which is a negative fortune. There is also a back door inside the tent that will behold

Vandalk, the Fortune-Teller

perhaps the most insane sight in the game. While riding on a shiny red converter belt, crazy rainbow-colored scribbles turn to negative colors and into original colors in seconds in a loop. The tears in the scribbled walls include insane props and characters like a Black Magic book with a face on it, some trumpets that evolve from the ceiling and floor, also with eyeballs on them. There are also other things like a guitar with two arms including white gloves, a lot of coffee cups that surround the crazy hallway and a huge garden of trumpets that grew from the ground. As the audio in the background gets quiet, you will be in the middle of a empty audience as you move along the conveyor belt. You will see hanging robloxians being used as puppets. Then the loud audio will start to be heard again as you see a long tongue from another crazy hallway. Going further into the hallway, you will see a giant deformed version of Vandalk, the Fortune-Teller. Vandalk will be looking barely at you in a angry-emotion as he with bending his arms towards you while opening his mouth to eat you. When you get taken inside Vandalk's mouth, you will fall and die, and then get teleported back to the beginning.

Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is perhaps possibly the main structure of the dimension, and the highest monument in the dimension. Inside the clock tower is a stone interior, just like on the light-gray stone exterior. Hanging, yellow-glowing lightbulbs will be seen hanging from wires as a high series of staircases surround the interior. Climbing to the top of the staircases will lead you to the top of the clock tower. An eerie phonograph can be heard if you turn it on, and the interiors of the clock hands and gears can also be seen. One of the clocks in the tower are loosened, and you can see a mildly creepy sun face in the distance. It appears to be some kind of deformed baby's face. Upon getting to the top of the tower will also get you a "Tick Tock" badge.

The Room

"The Room" is an area which is a little house with rose-colored and lime-green colored flower wallpaper. Some of the rose-colored wallpaper in the left and right hallways are torn off, and have doors at the ends of those hallways. If you go in the left door, you will come out of the door in the right. If you go in the right door, you go out of the left door, which is a strange, confusing paradox. The other room with the lime-green colored flower wallpaper includes some furniture, but with wooden supports behind him. This completely states that the furniture is fake, and are testing props. There is a fake table, a fake fridge, and a fake couch. There is a window with a sign under it that says "The future". When you look out the window, you will see a depressing, abandoned landscape with destroyed buildings and houses. Upon looking into the sky you will see a nuclear bomb hovering above. This secretly states that due to the fake furniture and the abandoned landscape, the entire house is a nuclear testing area that is soon to be blown up in the FUTURE. Another thing that supports this heavily are some posters inside the room that say "NUKE TESTING ZONE". A rusty chair lays on the floor beside the posters. An extra hallway inside the room on the left of the rusty chair leads to another. At the corner of the hallway is a strange face graffiti art on the wall. The other room includes a piano and a stool. If you try to look somewhere on the very bottom corner inside the room, you will see tiny red text that says "nobody". It is unknown what this means, but it might state that there will be no-one left once the bomb is activated on the land area.


The Down-Town area is basically an eerie town with various buildings around the corners. Some buildings in this area even have eyeballs peering out in some of the windows, and a waffle house in one of the corners. Many posters are scattered around the entire Down-Town area that says "I'M GUILTY" on walls,

The Judge murdering the person who is guilty.

windows and corners. There is a big court-house that is made out of marble. A shadow-like character with claws and glowing red eyes is peering out of one of the doors. Trying to go inside the court-house will take you to the interior of it. Inside of the building is a red carpeted floor with gray columns surrounding the walls. The monster that was peering out of the door is revealed to be the Judge Monster, for which in this scene, the Judge throws a sword and stabs a robloxian in the chest and got stuck into the wall. The Judge at the scene is saying "You're guilty", as according to the notes and posters that say "I'M GUILTY". The robloxians in their seats in the back behind the Judge are in a shocked emotion as they find one of their members dead. The player who experiences this room can not go through the door in the back anymore, and will have to reset themselves.

The Gardenmaze™

The Gardenmaze™ is most likely only a garden field shaped like a maze course. It seems almost completely normal, which is strange, since almost everything in Haunted Deli's Dimension is in a corrupted form. In the beginning of the gardenmaze you will see a cardboard sign that says "WARNING! Do not eat poisonous berries. Like this one." with an arrow pointing to a purple berry. This states that the gardenmaze can be deadly since there are purple poisonous berries everywhere. If you look up, you can see a normal sky, but with strange clouds that seems to sometimes have faces and legs. Upon looking around the maze for a while, you can find strange easter eggs/objects. A black monster with scribble eyes can be found in the maze, while a yellow smiley face head named "Frowny the Frown" can be found in a room, spinning around. You can also find a tall rusty chair,

The Gardenmaze maze map.

and some secret, red text at the back part of the maze. The text appears to be saying "What you see is not quite what you see". This states that Haunted Deli's Dimension might either be a nightmare, or reality. If you manage to make it to the middle of the gardenmaze map, you will find a room with a badge and a sign in it, as the sign in the room reads "CONGRATULATIONS, You have completed and gone to the middle of the official Haunted Deli's Gardenmaze™". The badge in the room is an accomplishment for getting to the middle of the maze. The last easter egg is to be found at the very back of the garden maze. A very long, garden hallway can be found somewhere in the back, on the opposite side where the red easter egg text can be found. It is unavailable to enter the hallway, as to make the player think the hallway is infinite-length.

The Exclusive V.I.P Room

The exclusive V.I.P room is probably one of the smallest places in the game. It appears to be a medium-sized marble house with a half-sphere shaped glass ceiling. Inside the building is what appears to be some kind of lobby, or a meeting room. It has a few fancy decorations, such as a "Big Fish" decoration, and a V.I.P rug in the middle, with four beige couches surrounding it. A bird cage can be seen inside the room in the corner with a red bird inside of it named Robin the Bird, which is known to eat human meat. Some dark-gray columns surround the room. One of the columns seem to be tilted, and is able to be climbed up. Climbing up this column ends up taking you to a hidden room, with a blue sky pattern with clouds in it. This room also receives you a badge to earn. The badge name is "GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE CLOUDS!!".


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