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VOIDED Haunted Deli's Dimension Exploration

Badges 10
Visits More than 3,600
Max Players 25
Created 8/31/2014

Haunted Deli's Dimension Exploration is an exploration game created by DeliciousBakedPie. It consists of 10 badges to find and it was first made on 8/31/2014.

This game takes place in Haunted Deli's Dimension. You can explore various areas in it, most of them have an eerie theme. The Garden Maze is the least eerie place in almost the whole game, including the spawn area.


"welcome to an game maded by the official second famousest deliciousbakedpie!!!! explore hundreds of places and area and look around and get past the whole of haunted delis dimension!!!! there also is badges that are to hunt for and an vip room with an exclusive badge in it!!!

WARNING for youre saftey to tell you there is content in here that involves ripping hearts out, disturbeing monsters and scary music. play for youre own risk!!!! 18+ only!!!!"


  • This is the only exploration game to take place in a creepypasta's home dimension, made by DeliciousBakedPie.
  • Haunted Deli's house looks very similar to that of DeliciousBakedPie's except that it is dark, corrupted and some of the pictures inside of it have been altered.
  • There are two badges that you can get for meeting people ingame. One badge will be awarded to you for meeting DeliciousBakedPie, the other badge is for meeting a bird monster named Robin the Bird Monster, which is actually an alternate account made by DeliciousBakedPie.
  • There is an unused badge that was going to be added to the game called "the framed ones". It had a picture of drawings of people/monsters on it that were framed. It was never added for an unknown reason, and is the only badge that has never been made.




Unused Badges