Master TechHead is a cyborg suit with an alien brain inside that controls him. Master TechHead appears in one of Spencergamer's games called Shadow Apprentice 2. He has black arms and legs with wires connecting them to his body. His body looks like a computer/television monitor with a dark lightning symbol on the front. Circuit boards and wires can be seen inside of him where his brain is at. Wires are at the end of his hands, while wires can be seen in between his legs.

A Role in the Master Techbot series

Master TechHead appears in "Return Of Master Techbot" as Master Techbot's partner, or friend. Master TechHead helped send DeliciousBakedPie to an alien planet using a rocket ship. He only appears twice in the game, but he is a main character in the Master Techbot series.

In Food Orb

TechHead has no major role in the Food Orb games, but he has a cameo in Food Orb 10 - Alien Donut's Revenge. For finding TechHead's secret you get the "Behind The Scenes" badge. The badge can be found in the theater, in a vent, next to the stage. In the cameo, it shows TechHead, his ship and one of his minions with a dead Alien Donut Minion.


  • Master TechHead's name is strongly based off of Master Techbot's.
  • Master TechHead are one of the many alien villains who show its own brain. The other example being Invader Trapcase from Dark Orb 10.
  • Master TechHead also has a version of himself where he is wearing a red bowtie, like Alien Donut.