• The first model of Master Techbot.
  • A revived Master Techbot (Appears in The Return of Master Techbot).
  • Baby Techbot (Appears in Food Orb 0).
  • A robotic, modern Techbot (Appears in Electric Orb 4).

Master Techbot

Master Techbot was DeliciousBakedPie's first orb villian. Master Techbot is another Master Vodgreen retexture, but fans love him a whole lot. Master Techbot looks like he has a yellow 8-bit face, green body, dark green arms, and yellow-ish legs. Master Techbot seemed like a half robot, half Vodgreen mixture. Master Techbot has the power to travel through television screens and suck people into his lair to capture them. Master Techbot also teams with Master Techhead, so this is a possibility if Master Techbot was in another orb game, he might have the Invader Trapcase role. In the 2nd Master Techbot game, he looks more damaged and one of his eyes is gone (as of why there are bandages/bandaids on his eye)

The Attack of Master Techbot

The Master Techbot games had many retextured monsters in them, including Techbot himself. The music in both of the Master Techbot games were the Vodgreen's World 2 soundtrack. The games are atmospheric and have lots of elements Food Orb has. In the first Master Techbot game, Techbot steals DeliciousBakedPie through his television screen and into his lair. Then you have to inflitrate his base and save DeliciousBakedPie. At one part you get trapped, but managed to escape. When you enter the kitchen, Techbot is almost cooking DeliciousBakedPie (like Evil Micko does from Dark Orb 8 by Tinfoilbot). You then go into a television obstacle world and jump over the random obstacles the televisions do (Mainly ASDF references are involved with this part). You then go through a giant computer tower, after that DeliciousBakedPie pushes Techbot off the edge.

The Return of Master Techbot

In the sequel of Master Techbot, DeliciousBakedPie is yet again captured but through the ground. We then realize that Master Techbot teamed with Master TechHead, and sent DeliciousBakedPie to an alien planet. You go into a portal to get to the planet. When there, the world looks wacky and cooky. The obstacles are based around the monsters like dodging their limbs, or climbing them. Then go through a scary shortcut. Finally, you and DeliciousBakedPie escape the alien planet through a portal which turns out to be a porta potty. TechHead and Techbot scream at you at the end, probably trying to command you to come back to where you were.

Appearances in Food Orb games (as cameos)

In food Orb 0, Techbot makes an appearence in a test tube. Strangely enough, Techbots parents are now just brains in tubes right next to him (This is probably a reference to Spencergamer's Tick Tock World). The base looks almost the same as the ones in the original Techbot games, it is just more detailed. Techbot has the same body structure as Baby Vodgreen from Vodgreen's World 0, but has little arms. There is a secret Techbot secret in Food Orb 4. In the white house, go into the room closest to the entrance, and you'll see a television with a Revived Techbot face (probably as if it was hacking the television screen). In DeliciousBakedPie's old house, he has a Master Techbot toy on his shelf.

In other orb games

Since when DeliciousBakedPie started Food Orb, Techbot was pushed aside. Techbot's minions appears in Tech Orb 1, being hypnotized by Mech Master. DeliciousBakedPie eventually gave Master Techbot to BadTheBloxxer to own. BadTheBloxxer changed his look, and made Techbot have one Cyber eye (as a reference to the return of Master Techbot). Techbot will appear in Electric Orb 4, working for KILLBOT.


  • Master Techbot merely appears in two games DeliciousBakedPie made (Master Techbot's Attack, and The Return of Master Techbot).
  • Master Techbot teams up with Master Techhead in The Return of Master Techbot.
  • The word "Techbot" in Master Techbot's name is based off of Master Techhead's name.