Micky455's appearance.

Micky455 is one of DeliciousBakedPie's old friends and one of the first orbers. He seems to be pale white, and the only orber with a diamond shaped head. He wears "The Helm of the Flashing Bolt", black Orber-like clothes, and the default Robloxian face. He made the Attack of Darklord series and the Evil Mustard series. He made some decals for DeliciousBakedPie's Food

Orb back then.

Micky455 has appeared in only Food Orb 2 - Japan. In the game he appears to be the most wimpiest one (He is really careful in the hard spikes and is the only one that doesn't go through the scary shortcut). Micky455's villains do have references in the Food Orb games though.

A fanmade drawing of Micky455 with the lack of pants by LaserPewPew

In DeliciousBakedPie's old house, there are toys of Evil Mustard and Lightlord, both in Micky455's games.


  • Micky455 is one of the only robloxians to have his skin color white (not to be racist). The others being LaserPewPew and Boydjrocker.
    • Micky455 also has a big difference on his character profile, where his head is shaped like a diamond. His head is mentioned in the sentence of his blurb: "dont insult me about my head it a condition"
  • Micky455's name may be based off of Mickey Mouse's name.



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