Purple Monster's appearance.

Purple Monster is a minor character that is known to be a helper of Greenboy, and a teammate on Greenboy's team. Purple Monster only appeared in Food Orb 20 so far. He also appeared in Food Orb 1 as a very old, model version of him, which was made before the original Purple Monster model was made by Tinfoilbot.

Purple Monster's appearance is a purple body, with a thick face on the front that has black eyes with white pupils, a red nose, and a scribble mouth that has drips of blood dripping on the side. Purple Monster has a bumpy body shape, and has transparent arms that each have 4 fingers.

Purple Monster is also known to be DeliciousBakedPie's favorite character to be on Greenboy's team. Purple Monster only appeared next to Greenboy, and was seen laughing when DeliciousBakedPie got captured by Greenboy in Food Orb 20.


  • Purple Monster's voice can be heard in DeliciousBakedPie's "Purple Monster Let's Play" youtube videos.

    The "Red Monster" monster entry for Food Orb 0 by Tinfoilbloxion

    • This also reveals Purple Monster having a high-pitched voice.
  • Purple Monster often gets angry once someone thinks that he is a female.
  • Purple Monster sometimes has brain issues, saying things like "MOMMY, IT'S A ZEBRA-GIRAFFE".
  • There was a monster contest for Food Orb 0. A user named Tinfoilbloxion made a monster entry very similar to Purple Monster, except it was red and the eyes had a shape to make it look like he was evil. The monster entry had won and was placed inside the hotel room of the Monsters Hotel area.
    • In Greenboy Orb 2, there was a monster contest. The same person who made the red version of Purple Monster (Tinfoilbloxion) made an entry, but except it was blue and looked more friendly. It is unknown if it will win the monster contest.
    • It is now revealed that the Blue Monster entry has won the monster contest from Greenboy Orb 2.
  • In one of LaserPewPew's youtube videos "The greenboy show! ft: bluegal", Purple Monster appears to be either a director or a recorder of the video. On video time 3:11, Purple Monster jumps out into scene and says to Greenboy that the video recording is running out of time and that they need to bring out the other characters. (Darkman and Goldboy.)
    • Greenboy in the video also calls Purple Monster as "Purpleboy".
    • Purple Monster in the video even wears his own pair of headphones with a microphone connected to it.
      PM badge

      The official Purple Monster character badge. The description is "he is the most best freind of greenboy and he also like to help him!!!"

  • Purple Monster has his own official character badge in Vodgreen's World 0, including Greenboy. The badge is placed on Purple Monster's back in the hallway of the Greenboy Show area.
  • During the Greenboy Orb 1 chase scene, Purple Monster is seen upside-down. It is unknown why it is this.


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