Red412's appearance.

Red412 is a minor character and friend of DeliciousBakedPie. In Food Orb 1, when you save DeliciousBakedPie he saves you and DeliciousBakedPie on a red boat with a flag with Red412 on it.

Red412's appearance is a brown robloxian, with a red shirt and yellow pants. He is also wearing black shoes. The main hat he usually wears is the Golden Crown. Red412 was a part of the Orb Community a long time ago, but now he mostly turned to an orb hater during the end of 2014, or the beginning of 2015. He later then apologized to DeliciousBakedPie and the others for what he caused.


Red412's offical avatar.


  • Red412 is possibly a half-orber who changes his name the most. Some of his various names are to be MisterRatburn, REDIVIAN, or HelenMorgendorffer.
  • Red412 is also one of the orbers to have worn a classic crown hat. The others being LaserPewPew and Goldenfoilness (possibly).
  • It could also be possible for other Orbers to have forgotten about him since they rarely talked about him.