Squishy is a squid that is a loyal pet/friend to DeliciousBakedPie. Squishy has appeared in only one orb game so far, which is Greenboy Orb 8 - The Puzzle Factory. He helped save DeliciousBakedPie and Deliciousbakedpie's mom from getting crushed in the factory by sticking a wrench between two gears that made the conveyor belt and the machines stop instantly.


Squishy's mesh and texture is from a ROBLOX hat called Mr. Tentacles, which is 9,090 robux. Squishy is colored a slightly-orangish-yellow with cartoon eyes that pop out slightly with blue irises. He appears to have 8 tentacles/limbs, like a spider.


Squishy is a very nice pet, since he shows no negative reaction or feelings so far. When Squishy first met Greenboy and his team, he showed no negative reaction, even if he got captured by the Puzzle Golem, he still showed no negative reactions or sounds. At the end he is seen hanging onto the ceiling in DeliciousBakedPie's bedroom in his house. It is claimed by DeliciousBakedPie officially that Squishy does not talk at all, yet he makes a purring noise when he is happy, like a cat.


  • Not only does DeliciousBakedPie have a pet, but some other orbers have their own pets too (For ex. BadTheBloxxer's pet shark Jimmy, Tinfoilbloxion's pet gator Greg, Thomasfan099's pet snowman Jerry).
  • It is currently unknown if Squishy will appear or even as a cameo in any other game.
  • Squishy has exactly 8 tentacles, just like that of a spider.
  • Squishy is the first character in DeliciousBakedPie's series that originated from the hat Mr. Tentacles and of other orbers having their own canon pets.
  • The first time Squishy ever appeared in a model in a official way after Greenboy Orb 8 was released was in the Greenboy Orb 8 Monsters Collection.