Tall Purple Monster is the official mascot of the Food Orb series, and is sometimes a member of the Food Orb series.

Tall Purple Monster's appearance.

Tall Purple Monster first appeared on Food Orb 4 - America as a minor monster/character. His appearance was a purple monster, which was 6 robloxians tall. He has yellow eyes and a line mouth with a snake tongue of the color red.

Tall Purple Monster's Home

In Food Orb 9 - Toyland, there was a secret area to the left side of the giant television part. There was a nearly-invisible path to that area, which was a house owned by the Tall Purple Monster. The insides of it include a flat-screen wall TV with Tall Purple Monster waving on it. There is a bed with a purple blanket and some shelfs with a DeliciousBakedPie toy on it. The house appears to have only one window, with a zig-zag wallpaper and a yellow roof on top.

Tall Purple Monster's house in Food Orb 9

Tall Purple Monster's OLD Home

In Food Orb 0, Tall Purple Monster was seen inside a purple cave. It is revealed that the purple cave was actually a store for many different tall monsters. Tall Purple Monster had a different appearance and was seen in the back middle of the shop. The other Tall Monster's are: Short Yellow Monster, Tall Red Monster, and the Tall Green Monster. All of the monsters were shown for sale, and it is also revealed that Evil Donut was the one who bought the Tall Purple Monster in the first place.

Tall Purple Monster for display


  • Tall Purple Monster is probably the tallest character in Evil Donut's team.
  • Tall Purple Monster is the only character in Evil Donut's team that is not a certain food/meal.
  • Tall Purple Monster's appearance looks different when you find him in Food Orb 0.
  • For the first time ever, Tall Purple Monster says his first words near the end when Evil Donut's team defeat Alien Donut and escaped during Food Orb 10. His first words turned out to be "  !!!!", which appears to just be blank space with exclamation marks at the end.
  • Inside the attic in the giant haunted house from Food Orb 11, there is a cameo appearance of Tall Purple Monster, as an abandonded/thrown-away toy. The toy version of him appears to have a missing eye and a case/metal plate on its chest. However, none of Tall Purple Monster's cameos in each Food Orb game are NOT Tall Purple Monster himself.
  • In Food Orb 10 inside the Alien Café area, on the foods section you can find a cameo of Tall Purple Monster, but instead it has the form of some strange kind of mushy alien food. However, none of Tall Purple Monster's cameos in each Food Orb game are NOT Tall Purple Monster himself.