The Donutmegatron mech suit.

The Donutmegatron is a giant robot metal mech suit that Evil Donut tries to attempt to destroy the player(s), only in Food Orb 20 - The Final Showdown, which is a boss battle. It is the most powerful thing Evil Donut have been building throughout the whole Food Orb series. It is also made to contain The Food Orb.

The Donutmegatron's appearance is a giant mech suit that has big, metal legs with sharp spikes on the bottom of it, but does not kill the player on touch. There are also wheel joints that connect the top parts of its legs and the bottom parts of its legs. The legs are connected to the bottom body part of the suit. The torso is a metal square body that bears the Food Orb inside a glass container in the middle of it. It is used to steal the power from the Food Orb. There are Red, Yellow and Green lights in rows that are around the container box. On the back and sides of the torso are giant exhaust pipes that stick out from it. The arms are connected to the sides of the body, which bears large, metal claws. There are also tiny pipes in between the claws on each arm, which is revealed to be used as a grappling hook, and a green orb to capture people in Food Orb 20. Joints and wires are also in the arms, like there are in the leg parts. The cockpit is located at the top area of the mech suit, where Evil Donut can be seen controlling the robot. Evil Donut is protected by a window, or shield of glass with 3 black antennas on the top. Those antennas are used for radio signals (probably), or to contact the Donut Minions to try to kill the player(s). Inside the cockpit glass is a red seat/sofa that Evil Donut sits on inside the suit. Two levers are seen on the left and right inside the cockpit.

The Last Attempt

The Donutmegatron is seen in the very last Food Orb game called Food Orb 20 - The Final Showdown, where Evil Donut's mech suit tries to destroy the player. The first scene that the Donutmegatron appears in has giant, killing, goo traps all over the floor, which is also the first trap the Donutmegatron can emit. After the player has avoided the goo trap, the Donutmegatron is seen hanging from a grappling hook, while emitting some spike traps that kills the player on touch. Third is an obstacle where the Donutmegatron suit attempts to shoot rockets all over the place. The explosion decals inside the tower room also kill the player on touch, which you

The Donutmegatron using all of its traps and powers at once

have to attempt to not touch. After passing the rocket obstacle, there is an elevator that you have to go inside to go onto the next floor. This reveals the Donutmegatron to completely destroy the floor so that you have to jump on the stone pieces that fall from the ceiling (which is also destroyed). Getting past this obstacle will cause the Donutmegatron in the next room to freeze the entire room so that there is ice everywhere. There are also frozen spikes that you have to avoid if you want to try to win the battle. The next room is in the complete opposite direction of ice; fire. The Donutmegatron tries to kill the player by burning or melting it. You will have to jump on the lava bubbles to get to the next room, which does not seem to burn the players. When you've passed the room that got set on fire, the Donutmegatron suit uses its antennas to contact the Donut Minions to break into the room, with dozens of Donut Minions, trying to kill the player. Passing the Donut Minions will lead you into a scene where Evil Donut realizes that his suit is starting to run out of fuel, but still attempts to set more traps. The suit pours a yellow electric liquid that will shock the player when touching this material. The liquid also seems to go in a circuit pattern. When you pass this room, you will see what seems to be a thick, purple liquid instead of the yellow one. Evil Donut calls this material "Evil Magic", which is probably why there are purple-outlined bricks that some of them spin around that the player has to jump on to get to the other elevator. This leads to the final floor, where the Donutmegatron uses all of the fuel that it has from the Food Orb. This includes the Green goo trap, the Evil Magic materials, the yellow circuit material, the Donut Minions, the classic spike traps, and the burning fire near the other side.

If the player passes ALL of the traps in the whole game, Evil Donut and his suit, the Donutmegatron, will fall down to the ground, as it ran out of fuel. It will also remain Evil Donut falling out of the cockpit, breaking the glass, and falling on the floor face-flat. DeliciousBakedPie is saved from the green orb container, and the Food Orb is finally saved.

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