The Food Orb's appearance

The Food Orb is known to be the most powerful object in the entire Food Orb series. It is also an object that the Food Orb game series was based on. It only appears in the final Food Orb game which is called Food Orb 20 - The Final Showdown.

The Food Orb's appearance is a orb ball that is colored green. It's reflectance is set to 100% to give it a shiny effect, and to reflect to the colors and objects in the background. It is also known to emit green sparks from the orb itself.

The Big Steal


The Donutmegatron mech suit that the Food Orb gives power to.

Evil Donut stole the Food Orb in the only game it appears in, in Food Orb 20 - The Final Showdown, where the final boss battle takes place at. At the very top of the stone tower, Evil Donut was building a giant, metal robot mech called The Donutmegatron (Boss). Evil Donut used the Food Orb to give it fuel and power, also making its usage to capture DeliciousBakedPie for the final time inside a glowing green orb, and to set traps and destroy floors/walls/etc. However, at the end of the boss battle, Evil Donut's Donutmegatron ran out of fuel to do anything. The Donutmegatron soon fell down to the ground, and Evil Donut flies out of the cockpit, breaking the glass and landing on his face. DeliciousBakedPie was saved. The Food Orb itself still survives, even if it lands really hard on ground. This replies that the Food Orb is also a very strong material, and that it can have unlimited power.