The Hackjacker's appearance.

The Hackjacker is a giant robot that has the largest ability to do; hack into games. The Hackjacker only appeared in Food Orb 17 - The Hackjacker Strikes. He later on returned in Greenboy Orb 7.

The Hackjacker's appearance is a giant metal robot with large cannon arms. There is a rocket booster on the bottom, and does not have legs. There is a light-blue shiny diamond on his chest, which is known to power him up. There is a little door in his back, which is revealed to be a case for batteries near the end. The Hackjacker has a spring neck, with a square head with green-glowing eyes with red spirals on it, along with a robot square-patterned mouth. He also appears to have ears on the sides of the head.

The Hackjacker captures Evil Donut, DeliciousBakedPie and the Food Orb team in a green forcefield in Food Orb 17. After DeliciousBakedPie and the others were held captive, the Hackjacker hacked Evil Donut's world to make everything way weirder than it was before, the way the Hackjacker liked it. Near the end of the level, the user pulled an obvious switch to free the characters. Then Evil Donut somehow stole the Hackjacker's batteries (it was unknown how he stole them). The Hackjacker fell down to the ground, defeated. The Hackjacker was probably never to be seen again after that moment.

The Twist


An image of Evil Donut building the Hackjacker.

At the end of Food Orb 17, there is an area that has a picture of how the Hackjacker was created. It reveals that Evil Donut was actually the one who built the Hackjacker on accident. The Hackjacker was meant to be programmed to be the help of capturing DeliciousBakedPie.

The Return

Hackjacker made an appearance as a withered and half-broken form in Greenboy Orb 7 for revenge. He came back to life somehow due to the robotic AI pilot that was controlling inside of the Hackjacker suit. In Greenboy Orb 7, Goldboy captured DeliciousBakedPie and locked him inside the closet in Greenboy's lair. Goldboy says he saw something big coming, and said that as if he was in a scared and nervous tone. The Hackjacker suddenly breaks in, locked Greenboy's team in a blue forcefield and demands Greenboy to tell him where DeliciousBakedPie is at so he can take and kill him. Since Greenboy refused to tell the Hackjacker where he is at, he roams and searches around the entire show set looking for DeliciousBakedPie, while looking under every table and behind every object and room. In the end, when you enter Greenboy's Show, the Hackjacker hears a noise from where DeliciousBakedPie was at. You stumble upon the Greenboy Orb villains, which are still in a forcefield. You press an obvious button which shows a neon blue path which leads you to another button that is bigger which frees the villains. After you free the villains, Greenboy shows that he has a key to the closet. He also frees DeliciousBakedPie in favor of defeating the Hackjacker. Since they know the Hackjacker is coming, DeliciousBakedPie forms up a plan with the spare mirror he found in the back of the closet. The Hackjacker shows up, gets out his laser cannons, speaks his final words, and then shoots directly at DeliciousBakedPie. He gets out a mirror quickly and the Hackjacker's laser ends up bouncing on the mirror, causing the Hackjacker to explode from his face and torso. The Greenboy Orb villains and DeliciousBakedPie himself become happy after defeating the Hackjacker for the last time. As for the final touch, the hidden-away heart-looking AI Pilot slightly opens the Hackjacker's door torso, and then reveals itself. It speaks in a completely different language (presumed to be the Wingdings font) and then walks away. DeliciousBakedPie has finally been saved again, including the Greenboy Orb villains, and everything has been restored back to normal.


  • The Hackjacker is one of the only robot villains that appear in the Food Orb series. The other being Evil Donut's Donutmegatron suit.
  • At the end cutscene where the Hackjacker returns, soon finding out that Evil Donut mysteriously took the batteries out of the Hackjacker, you can find the case left open with emptied-out batteries on the Hackjacker's back.
    • It is unknown how Evil Donut did this while being caged.
  • The orb game where the Hackjacker returns in is in a completely different orb series (Greenboy Orb 7).
  • The Revived Hackjacker's final grand speech from Greenboy Orb 7 is based off of Aunt Trunchbull's speech from the movie Matilda.


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