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VOIDED The Scribble Dimension

Badges 15
Visits More than 2,930
Max Players 30
Created 6/23/2014

The Scribble Dimension is an exploration game created by DeliciousBakedPie. It consists of 15 badges to find and it was first made on 6/23/2014.

This game takes place in a meaningless dimension, in which the walls are completely scribbled with different colors. Many of the staircases lead to other rooms and areas of the scribble dimension. In the thumbnail, it is implied to be a strange world without a meaning.


"heres an game that is not a food orb because it has no story. in this game you look around and explore inside a creepy dimention. WARNING this game is not recommonded for users under 18 years older!!

this is an fun and creepy exploration game that is to go in and it includes 15 badges that are to get and find!!!

this game is inspired by vodgreens world 0 and other games by tinfoilbot

tinfoilbot rated this game an 8/10 excellent!!"


  • This idea of an exploration game was inspired by a hidden area in Food Orb 13 in which it's a room with scribbles all over it. You can find this room by finding a teleporter with scribbles on it.
  • The "Happy" Room is possibly inspired by the show Happy Tree Friends, a violent TV show with animals who die in every episode of it.
  • The Grimblox makes a cameo in The Scribble Dimension, including it's own personal room and two badges of it.
  • The insides of Evil Donut's brain is partly revealed in The Scribble Dimension, with strangely for no unknown reason, has tiny monsters inside of it, as if they were like insects. You can collect two badges from this area, one of them is if you get to the end of the hallway.



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