Well, welcome to my 1st blog post. I'm kind of doing this just to get the reward for your 1st blog post, but I also have a little bit of news.

It might say it's little, but some of you guys might hate this, but most likely none of you guys will care. I'll start with the good news. Good news : I might make orb games again! Continuing to that, I might make a really cliche game called "Orbers Collide" a mix between an orb and an adventure game. And I said "cliche" because even though it wasn't made before, it was probably thought of before. So yeah...

Bad news (the stuff you might not care about, but might hate) : I might cancel The Epic Adventures, because I have no idea how to script the cr- I mean, stuff. I said none of you would care because, since you guys know me as an orber instead of an adventurer, you probably don't even know what The Epic Adventures is. I'll explain in my next blog post.

If I figure out how to script stuff, than maybe I'll continue. But first, I need some help. Tinfoilbloxion tells me he makes bricks follow you by where you go (an AimScript), he uses deli's AimScript. I tried to look in deli's models, but I couldn't find it.

If one of you guys, especially deli, could help me find the AimScript, then please give me the link to it. If you think I'm mistaken, say in the comments "Early, you're really dumb."



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