(I know what it says on the rules "Don't post anything off-topic" but I honestly believe that other orbers talking about their orbs in their own blog posts is okay).

As I said in my last blog post, I would explain what the heck "The Epic Adventures" is. But I need to rewind a little bit before I tell the story.

When I first joined being a famousest (February of last year), EVERYTHING was peaceful, except for the boydjrocker c-frame war. Tinfoilbot was still there, there were little to no flame wars, and it was awesome. Best of all, I was meeting a lot of new friends. It was officially when I started making my well-known Candy Orb series (summer of 2014) when things started to get bad. Sure, I was making MORE friends and becoming pretty well-known (not saying that's what orbing is about), but everyone started fighting. It started with possibly the worst c-frame war ever, the Diamondzfan2 C-frame War. I didn't believe in people hating on dia, because from my perspective, he did absolutely nothing. But this caused people to hate me, and I was losing friends. That c-frame war ended after a month, but people were still fighting. They were less severe fights, but still pretty bad. Then around when school started, Tinfoilbot quit Roblox. Both of these situations caused other orbers to leave. Most of you guys probably already know this, because Tinfoilbot is still gone, and the orb community is still fighting.

That sounds pretty bad, but it was another situation where everything was okay 5 days later. So anyways, my best friend, mudkiprocks7, told me so much to get Skype. It really started to annoy me, but eventually, I got it. But when I got Skype, I met even more new friends, most not even orbers. It started with masterbela5 calling me, and inviting a user named Superstar1349 to 1 call I had with him. We all talked for a little while, and ever since then, we were best friends. However, Superstar wasn't even an orber. He was an adventurer, someone who works on adventure games. His work inspired me, and eventually, I got bored of orbing and started to make adventure games instead (how rude of me). My game was The Epic Adventures - Rise of Xeron

I don't know whether it was the c-frame wars or my interest of adventure games or both that made me quit, but that's the story of The Epic Adventures... I guess...

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