As far I have been seeing, there has been lots of spam recently. Not only on my profile, but the. whole. freaking. WIKIA. I have news for you foolish people: end it. It is annoying and is irrelavant to the wikia. It shouldn't be here at all. In fact, if I were the admin and/or owner of this wikia, I could easily delete or block you for a long time. I ain't joking. I've done this before when I made Orber Hater Wikia. 

"GAMERS RISE UP!" person

You have been spamming this repeatly for these last few months. It is old. You did the very worse thing: You edited my profile without my permission. You shouldn't have done that (Ben Drowned reference) at all. AT all. I mean this- stop playing around wasting your hands away for something as foolish as this. You don't realize how dumb that is. You know why? Spam can get you banned. I mean banned like IP banned. Try it on Facebook. Twitter. You can't, can you? You know it. I know it. End this. It is for your own good.

The newest person (the one with pages like: "Asd")

If you are Deliciousbakedpie, then explain why are you handling this wrong? Why? On ROBLOX, you acted more maturely. Why did you change? If you aren't, then same thing as above: why are you doing such nonsense in a foolish way? In fact, I have one question for BOTH OF YOU:

What makes you believe this is the right choice?

I want to hear this in the comments.


Iso33 (talk) 20:55, June 7, 2018 (UTC)

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